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ALI SUKHANVER Is there any difference between a cow and a human being? If this question is asked somewhere in the Hindu majority area of India the answer would be a clear-cut ‘Yes’. All Hindus would say, “A cow is more sacred than a human being because it gives us […]


ALI SUKHANVER All wishes, all dreams never come true; same is the case with the desire and dream of turning Pakistan into a wasteland particularly with reference to Balochistan. A long portion of Pakistan’s boundaries is guarded and protected by the people most loyal to this land, the people of […]

Energy Charter Treaty and Pakistan

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) being a sovereign regulator of international energy system granted an observer status to Pakistan in 2005. Since then lots of sincere and serious efforts have been initiated from both sides to achieve the end goal i.e. full membership. Unfortunately, government of […]

Pak Suzuki Car prices from June 2018

Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd has raised prices third time in 2018.New prices of vehicles are as under; Model New Price Model New Price Mehran-VX 739000 Cultus-VXR 1300000 Mehran-VXR 795000 Cultus-VXL 1421000 Ravi 756000 Cultus-AGS 1528000 Bolan 814000 Swift Automatic 1571000 Cargo Van 780000 Swift-Manual 1435000 Wagon R-VXR 114000 Wagon […]