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A look into five years rule of PML-N

In May 2013, the PML-N made a triumphant election comeback under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif, who trod very carefully than ever before after his two previous governments sent packing in the 90s without completing their mandated tenures. While his party managed to weather powerful political storms of its trying […]

Illegal possession of land by Bahria Town

NAB has irrefutable evidence The investigation team tasked with probing the illegal allotment of land to Bahria Town Karachi is confident that it has a watertight case against the real estate developer and the individuals who abetted illegal land transfers and swaps for it. The announcement came in a press […]


ALI SUKHANVER Neither all Indians are extremists nor do they all follow the Hindutva philosophy as India is a homeland of millions of Christians, Sikhs and Muslims too. Even in the Hindu community there are people who are very much moderate, sensible and no doubt caring for the Indians belonging […]


ALI SUKHANVER Luckily or unluckily, Pakistan’s is one of those few countries where you can say and write whatever you like and you remain safe until unless the person you talk about takes your words serious. Some people may say that things were quite different almost ten to fifteen years […]

SC bars police from filing multiple FIRs in one case

  In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court on Wednesday barred police from filing more than one First Information Report (FIR) in any criminal case. The seven-member larger bench, led by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, also barred police from arresting an accused, nominated in an FIR, without obtaining substantial evidence […]

Limit for purchasable property raised

Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Tuesday announced that the limit of purchasable property value for non-filers of tax returns has been raised from Rs4 million to Rs5 million. On April 28, the newly appointed finance minister had presented the outgoing PML-N government’s sixth full-term budget, following which the matter was referred to […]


ALI SUKHANVER Difficult to decide why Dr. Shakil Afridi betrayed his own people by playing in the hands of Americans and more difficult is to trace the reason behind such a strong American desire of ‘snatching’ away Dr. Afridi from Pakistan. Why do the Americans need so badly, the so-called […]