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Only the sole specialist in Pakistan, Rauf Klasra can explain

By Muhammad Javed

  1. This 70 plus man from old generation does not know much about politics.  He never joined any political party, any labour or student union, never attended any “جلسہ“ or stood on roadside to welcome any so called leader.  However, I only know is that with Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto coming into power, the mushroom political appointments started rising and administration started diving down, banking frauds and public cheating under different labels gained momentum. There was a popular belief that Pakistan would progress only when the middle class or the Overseas Pakistanis came into power.  This proved a daydream when the middle class so called “مہاجر” came into power in Karachi.  The second bubble also burst out when this old man in deep self-shame listened the “pearls of wisdom” from the mouth of a long standing Overseas Pakistani, Tareq Azeem addressing as Minister of Overseas Pakistanis to the Pakistani community in the packed Pakistan Club Bahrain auditorium.
  2. The OPF Board of Governors under its Honourable Chairman Barrister Mr. Amjad Malik, an Overseas Pakistani based in UK, reviewed the Minutes of the 140thmeeting of OPF Finance & Welfare Committee.   The agenda items discussed included an expenditure on “WELFARE” namely “Regularization of Rs. 5.908 million in connection with Low Power Factor (LPF)”.
  3. While reading the summary of the above Minutes, I had just a few minutes ago read about a suo moto ordering financial audit of  2004 Rs. 37 million granted to the renowned scientist Dr. Samar Mubark. Despite having no hope of a reply from him, I addressed the Honourable foreign based Chairman OPF Board, taking him as an Overseas Pakistani.  I wished to know from this Overseas Pakistani as to what was this “Low Power Factor”?  Was this, in simple language, the physical weakness suffered by OPF MD and his staff due to heat/humidity caused by the Lower Power (load shedding or fluctuations?) and this amount of Rs. 5.10 million was spent to dispense Glucose to overcome that physical weakness?  Or did this LPF affected staff “Facebook” viewing or their Mobile charging on this colossal amount of Rs. 5.10 million went?  Can in UK where the Honourable Board Chairman lives and is, perhaps, a citizen of, an organization “spend” such a vague heading and would the learned Chairman as a UK citizen blindly approve that?
  4. I addressed the above to the honourable overseas based OPF Chairman in February 2018 and copied it to 100-all-foreign-based strong members of the Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Council to which he was Chairman. None, as usual, cared even to acknowledged.  Why?  Because none have any real practical care or love for real Overseas Pakistanis except for voting rights etc.
  5. If the memories of this old man are not bent upon failing him, I do remember a Senate Committee’s finding on the site visit of the OPF’ Islamabad Housing Scheme about Rs. 35 million having been spent on “invisible” development.  In my library I might have different similar such “heart pleasing” press clippings.
  6. I have in my office a lot of highly expert electrical engineers from different countries including Europe. All of them confirmed to me that the type of “office-paper work doing organization” like OPF can have no LPF effect except for a little slow work for a while but it was also not possible as OPF on expense of us the Overseas Pakistanis contributions had generators etc.  A few years back for the first time I entered OPF Lahore office.  It was first week of January.    In the office everyone even the cleaning staff was using gas heaters to warm the rooms whereas use of it for the purpose was banned both in Federal and Provincial Governments due to gas load shedding.  I recorded it to MD OPF not to get any response.
  7. I feel there is only one Expert in Pakistan, the most intellectual Rauf Klasra, the columnist and the anchor, who can explain how low Power factor affected OPF working staff and what were these Rs. 5.10 million LPF expense.  Will Rauf Klasra please help thousands and thousands of Overseas Pakistanis who see his program Muqabil, the evening talk show in simple wording meanings of LPF and as to how it affected OPF?  Can Klasra help this old man know if I can write it to My Lordship CJP?

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