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Why they are bent upon serving overseas Pakistanis?

By Muhammad Javed

  1. The question, as to how the dual nationals loyal to foreign host governments could honestly serve Pakistan, is a chronic one but during the last 3-4 months it has become a hot topic.  How can a Pakistani “living/residing” abroad on his 8-10 hours employment or engaged in his business affairs, can afford days and months “living” in Pakistan as an MNA. MPA or a Senator, as Pakistani or dual national, risking his foreign employment or foreign business?   If I intend to “serve” my motherland Pakistan by getting myself elected as a legislator, my employer here in Bahrain, I am more than confident, at the very first knowledge of my going to Pakistan for contesting election would terminate my service immediately.
  2. I can’t, as such, even in my day dreams “think” of “serving” the nation under this label.  Who, as such, generally came to serve? Zubair Guls and alike, of course.
  3. Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), established on 100% funds from the Pakistanis working abroad, employing a large army, in the name of “welfare of us the Overseas Pakistanis”.  It is really serving “itself”. For example, Senate Standing Committee found on site visit to OPF Islamabad Housing Scheme about 35 million having been spent on invisible development!!!
  4. Like it has a large army of employees in the Capital as well as in all the provinces in the name of we the Overseas Pakistanis and, as “advertised” for the larger interest of the welfare of the Pakistanis working abroad, it has additionally formed a 100-member strong Overseas Pakistanis Advisory Committee?  All these 100-members are settled world over, in Gulf, American continent, UK etc.  We are given an impression that these sitting abroad are selected on the basis of “services rendered by them sitting abroad to their countrymen Pakistanis”.  Zubair Gul from UK;  yes same Zubair Gul about whom the nation two months back almost daily in talk show learnt about his “qualities” was selected by Nawaz Sharif as Special Coordinator to PM on Overseas Pakistanis.
  5. On an issue affecting Overseas Pakistanis jointly, I addressed an honorable Advisory Council member. His reply is that since he was an elected Parliament Member in the country of his residence and under the law can serve only the people in his constituency.  What for was then he inducted in the Advisory Committee by the OPF is not important.  The most meaningful is why, then, he “accepted” his selection to the OPs Advisory Council?  It is very meaningful and may contain the unanswered question as to why such dual nationals in the cause of serving Pakistan “risk” their foreign employment and business.


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