Feb 242017


Everyone knows that Ashraf Ghani’s success in the presidential elections was warmly welcomed rather celebrated in Pakistan. The people in Pakistan were of the opinion that Ashraf Ghani would try his utmost to bring these brotherly countries more close to each other but Mr. Ghani did altogether otherwise. Pak-Afghan relationship is at present facing the ever-worst situation and this all is the handiwork of the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani. He is so unfortunate that he could not bring peace even to his own country. International analysts are pointing towards a rapidly increasing violence in Afghanistan and to the fast growing Taliban influence as well. At so many places the Talban are directly running the government affairs instead of the Afghan government. There is a very visible political conflict and turmoil in spite of Afghan NUG’s claim of peace in the country. In the beginning days of Ashraf Ghani government a very clear situation of conflict and confrontation was being noticed between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah but now the first Vice President Abdul Rashid Dostum has also joined this war as the third party. The Parliament is hosting different ethnic rivalries and as a result of this rivalry seven ministers have yet been impeached. The foreign minister Mr. Salahuddin Rabbani was also among the impeached ones. There is a situation of political anarchy and chaos in Afghanistan and the leaders are washing their ‘dirty linen’ in the public by accusing one another of nepotism and ethnicity. Analysts are of the opinion that after Trump’s victory in the US elections Afghan political leaders are under pressure and stress because of the expected change in US policy towards Afghanistan. The Washington Post said commenting upon the fears and apprehensions of the Afghan leaders, ‘The tensions have resurfaced just as the United States, a mainstay of Afghan defense and economic aid for years, has elected a new president with different priorities and no investment in Afghanistan’s success. Many Afghans fear President-elect Donald Trump may withdraw the 10,000 U.S. troops that President Obama kept here to help Afghan security forces take over the anti-insurgent fight.’ Continue reading »