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January 2017



Lal Din Bugti, a Baloch Ferrari commander along with six associates surrendered on 28th January in Quetta and pledged to fight for defence of the country till the last moment of his life. According to security sources, the separatist commander and his colleagues laid down arms in front of Mir Attaullah Kalpor Bugti and FC officer Col Awais. The government sources told media that these Ferrari commanders were involved in anti-state activities including blowing up gas pipelines and other heinous crimes. Now at the call of their conscience, they are back to the lap of their motherland Pakistan. I think a sinner seeking for forgiveness must always be welcomed and honoured. The days are not in far future when all Ferrari commanders who have been playing in the hands of the Indian agencies since long would realize that their motherland is waiting for them with tearful eyes.Read More »THE SONS OF BALOCHISTAN



 “What an achievement for India. They are now the number One rape nation of the world. Congratulations for achieving this honour. Well done India.” These were the comments of Richard Kong, a reader of the Sputnik International. On 3rd of this January Sputnik International published a story with the title, ‘New Year’s Mass Sexual Assault of Women in India’s Tech Hub Causes Outrage.’ This story was about the incidents of ‘mass-molestation’ on the new-year night. Personally I didn’t like these bitter comments of Richard Kong. Whatever happened there in Bangalore on this new-year night is no doubt a blob of shame and disgrace on the face of the whole of Indian society but it would be unjust to accuse whole of the Indian nation of being a ‘Rapist Nation.’ Moreover rape is not a very infrequent and rare practice in the Indian society. Every year hundreds of women are raped in India and there are so many rape cases which are not reported to the police. Due to corruption of police and judiciary and because of a loose administrative system and selfishness of the BJP politicians, now people of India have started accepting this evil practice as a routine matter. But for the negligence of the Indian politicians, Indian judiciary and the law enforcement agencies, whole nation must not be dragged into a blame game.Read More »INDIA AGAIN STANDS FIRST

When Pakistan real estate got a jolt

The realty sector, one of the major investment avenues suffered a huge setback in the middle of 2016 after the federal government decided to determine the fair market value of properties being bought and sold by people and collect taxes accordingly.

The first six months of the calendar year were in fact encouraging as markets had started recovering from the phase of subdued growth. Of these, the Karachi market needs a special mention as it was earlier performing below par because of the repercussions of terrorism and bad law and order that had dogged the city for years.

A modest improvement in the real estate market of Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan city rekindled investor confidence with huge demand coming from domestic investors, overseas Pakistanis and to some extent international investors.Read More »When Pakistan real estate got a jolt