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ALI SUKHANVER Lal Din Bugti, a Baloch Ferrari commander along with six associates surrendered on 28th January in Quetta and pledged to fight for defence of the country till the last moment of his life. According to security sources, the separatist commander and his colleagues laid down arms in front […]

Draft Concept of Energy Charter Conference

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan According to Turkmenistan national new agency draft concept of energy charter conference has been presented by the government of Turkmenistan which is the extension of its national energy policy. One of the main salient features of Turkmenistan’s national energy policy is regional cooperation and liaison with […]


ALI SUKHANVER  “What an achievement for India. They are now the number One rape nation of the world. Congratulations for achieving this honour. Well done India.” These were the comments of Richard Kong, a reader of the Sputnik International. On 3rd of this January Sputnik International published a story with […]

Turkmenistan’s Foreign Policy Achievements

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Turkmenistan is a dynamic country which has an independent foreign policy which cares its national interest and physical landscapes. Under visionary leadership of H.E. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, it promotes regional peace, co-existence, energy cooperation and economic corridors. It protects sustainable development in the region and on […]


ALI SUKHANVER a regular reader of my write-ups sent me an email on the evening of 13 January 2017, expressing his worries on a demonstration outside Pakistan embassy in Kabul. He was of the opinion that the Afghan government is preparing a stage for its new drama of ‘Terrorist- Intrusion’ […]

When Pakistan real estate got a jolt 4

The realty sector, one of the major investment avenues suffered a huge setback in the middle of 2016 after the federal government decided to determine the fair market value of properties being bought and sold by people and collect taxes accordingly. The first six months of the calendar year were […]