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Lal Din Bugti, a Baloch Ferrari commander along with six associates surrendered on 28th January in Quetta and pledged to fight for defence of the country till the last moment of his life. According to security sources, the separatist commander and his colleagues laid down arms in front of Mir Attaullah Kalpor Bugti and FC officer Col Awais. The government sources told media that these Ferrari commanders were involved in anti-state activities including blowing up gas pipelines and other heinous crimes. Now at the call of their conscience, they are back to the lap of their motherland Pakistan. I think a sinner seeking for forgiveness must always be welcomed and honoured. The days are not in far future when all Ferrari commanders who have been playing in the hands of the Indian agencies since long would realize that their motherland is waiting for them with tearful eyes.

For the last many years Indian agents are trying their best to misguide the people of Balochistan that the government of Pakistan is exploiting the natural resources of Balochistan and nothing is being done for the betterment of the people of Balochistan. This blame game is the very foundation of all so-called separatist movements in Balochistan patronized by the Indian agencies. India will have to search for some other blame or allegation to malign Pakistan after the completion of CPEC as this project would not only reduce unemployment and poverty but also become a source of economic stability in Balochistan. With the help of propaganda tools our friends in India are trying to sow the seed of hatred in the hearts of the people of Balochistan but they should keep in mind that truth is truth though most of the time it is bitter. No war could be won on the basis of propaganda. Instead of spreading hatred against CPEC, India must come forward with open eyes and open arms and take some advantage from the CPEC by supporting it. With the help of propaganda and disinformation, the marvelous CPEC project cannot be maligned anymore. There is always a very clear difference between truth and propaganda. The people of Balochistan are very well aware of this difference.

Most of the impartial analysts are of the opinion that the CPEC project is going to be a game-changer not only for Pakistan but for the whole of region. Unfortunately some so-called analysts, who certainly feel pride in working as mouth-piece of others, are trying to misguide people. A few weeks back, a much esteemed newspaper of India ‘the Indian Express’ published an article with the same misguiding contents. The title of the article was ‘Corridor of Uncertainty’. The author of this article tried all his best to present that picture of Pakistan, of the Security Forces of Pakistan, of the people of Pakistan and of the CPEC which is certainly not corresponding to the reality. He says, “The only big thing going for an isolated Pakistan is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Unable to tackle with its internal security problems — for which it now wrongly blames India — it prefers focusing on the good times the world thinks the Chinese investment of $46 billion will bring.” In short the CPEC project has become a pain in the neck for the ‘well-wishers’ of Pakistan.

In another article ‘CPEC is not a holy Cow’ the author says, ‘Pakistan faces many serious problems; and among them is the status and invulnerability of holy cows, and people who are above the Pakistani laws. Bitter fact is growth in number of holy cows, accumulation of wealth and power they possess.’ He further says, ‘I am a citizen of State of Jammu and Kashmir and my loyalty is with State and its people. I don’t have to be loyal to neighbours of Jammu and Kashmir or to those who occupy us. The CPEC runs without permission through our land, Gilgit Biltistan which is part of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir. My fear is despite much hype and attraction, CPEC will prove to be a white elephant for Pakistan; and it could be Pakistan’s Waterloo.’ This article is a mixture of confusions and misunderstandings. Though the writer has very passionately rather emotionally tried to plead the ‘stuffed’ point of view but in his heat and haste, he contradicted his own narrated arguments. He admits that ‘Gilgit Biltistan is part of the former Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir’. It means he has accepted the fact that the present day Gilgit Biltistan has nothing to do with Jammu and Kashmir as it once used to be a part of Jammu Kashmir. Secondly on one hand he says, ‘my loyalty is with State and its people, I don’t have to be loyal to neighbours of Jammu and Kashmir’ but at the same time he expresses his worries about Pakistan that ‘CPEC will prove to be a white elephant for Pakistan.’ It seems that the writer is not very much clear about the point of view he has planned to express. Usually one has to face this situation of confusion when one is presenting some other’s point of view not his own.

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