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Presidential Election of Turkmenistan 2017


Presidential Election 2017 will be held on February 12, 2017 in Turkmenistan. Political campaigning has been permitted and all the candidates are busy to get more and more support from the general masses to win upcoming Presidential Election 2017. As per new amendments of the Constitution, Turkmenistan President is now elected for a period of seven years.

Multi-Party Presidential Democracy

Since Turkmenistan is a “Multi-Party Presidential Democracy” the political parties have already nominated their candidates for the upcoming Presidential Election 2017. President H.E. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said “Presidential candidates should be nominated on the basis of equality. The equal conditions on the basis of transparency and openness should be created for them”. He has already referred his allotted time to other candidates which shows levels of “equality, accommodation and neutrality” on part of the government. Moreover, it has “unicameral Parliament/National Assembly or Mejlis” which is the mother of modern democracy with 125 seats; members directly elected in multi-seat constituencies by absolute majority vote in two rounds if needed.

Turkmenistan’s Elections

Election is the “Bible of Modern Democracy” which has been held in Turkmenistan on regular basis since its inception. All elections are held on international standards of impartiality, and transparency in the country. According to Article 6 of its Constitution, “State power in Turkmenistan shall be divided in the legislative, executive and judicial branches; they shall operate independently, balancing each other”

Dynamic Constitution

It has a dynamic “Constitution” which is the custodian of all civil liberties, freedom of assembly, freedom of association, protection of human rights and the last but not the least, rule of the law. Its preamble says:-

“We, the people of Turkmenistan, based on our inalienable right to determine our destiny; Proceeding from the responsibility for present and future of the Motherland; Expressing loyalty to the covenant of ancestors to live in unity, peace and harmony and commitment to universal human values; With the aim of protecting the national values and interests, strengthening the independence, sovereignty, the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan; Guaranteeing the rights and freedoms of each person and citizen, and seeking to ensure civil peace and national accord in the society, to substantiate the foundations of democracy and democratic, legal, secular state, we adopt the present Constitution the Basic Law of Turkmenistan”

Independent Election Commission

Its central election commission is “independent organ” of the State which arranges the elections in fair and free manners by caring all modern democratic concepts of equality, rule of the law and constitution provisions among candidates/political parties. It has a successful “Model of Democracy” in the region and the world.

Registration of Presidential Candidates

Turkmenistan’s Central Election Commission has registered nine presidential candidates, who were nominated by political parties and initiative groups of citizens. Turkmenistan’s three political parties Democratic Party, Agrarian Party, Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs participate in the presidential elections. H.E. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has been elected twice as the country’s president. During the presidential election in 2012, 97.4 percent of voters cast their ballots for Berdimuhamedov.

All three political parties nominated the candidates for the slot of the President of Turkmenistan. The Democratic Party nominated the candidacy of the existing Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov; the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs elected Board Director of “Rysgal” Joint Stock Commercial Bank Begmyrat Atalyev; the Agrarian Party selected Durdygylych Orazov, the Chairman of Mary Velayat Committee.

The Turkmenistan’s Central Commission for Elections and Referendums is in process of finalizing different facilities to arrange the upcoming Presidential Election 2017 through achieving highest levels of transparency.

Vibrant Democracy

Its revised Constitution says Article I “Turkmenistan shall be a democratic, legal and secular state in which the government shall take the form of presidential republic”.

Turkmenistan is a “Democratic Country” where elections are conducted on regular basis according to provisions of “Constitution”. Its democracy is vibrant where people elect their representatives through “free will and fair voting patterns”. Its political system is based on “mutual respect, cooperation and coordination” due to which there is not a single incident of political chaos, anarchy or constitutional deadlock in the country since its inception. It is a multiparty democracy. It has Presidential form of democracy in which different political parties freely participate in all elections. Turkmenistan has rich history and traditions of “politicization and democratization”.

Protection of Human Rights

Moreover, according to its Article 25 of the Constitution “Rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in Turkmenistan shall be recognized in accordance with the universally recognized norms of international law and shall be guaranteed by this Constitution and laws”. It shows that people are free to act, assemble and associate to any political party.

Its democracy is functional, strong, stable and sustainable where basic “Human Rights” of the people are the foremost duty of the “State”. It has a dynamic “Constitution” by which rule of the law has been institutionalized. Its democracy stands for social welfare, respect for individual, protection of human rights, equality, tranquility and above all social justice, because no one is above the law.

Salient Features of Turkmenistan’s Democratic System

“Its democracy stands for services where provision of basic necessities of life namely education, medication, shelter and clean drinking water is the duty of the state and totally free. Its democracy stands for freedom of association, affiliation with equal playground for any business activity. Its democracy upholds the traditions of political accommodation not political revenge or vendetta. Its democracy sustains the spirits of cooperation and coordination and not conspiracies and contradictions as a common political tool for survival in most of the countries of Asia, Africa, Latina America and even Europe. Its democracy supports the culture of tolerance and interfaith harmony and protects the rights of weaker factions of the society as well as minorities. Its democracy strengthens its socio-economic development”.

Immaculate Political Stability

Due to its rich democratic traditions, it never experienced any “constitutional deadlock”, political ambiguity, controversy and above all derailing of the system. Its democracy precisely stands for transparency, accountability, prosperity, enlightenment, people and business friendly policies and the last but not the least, protection of national sovereignty, dignity, pride and patriotism.

Equal Right & No Discrimination

Turkmen national law allows all the presidential candidates “equal rights and opportunities” for meetings with voters and their familiarization with the election programs and campaigning in the mass media outlets which shows the highest levels of transparency, respect of free will, fair and Free State’s apparatus and the last but not the least impartiality on part of every organ and regulatory body.

They all “share good spirits and do not follow their vested interests for winning elections”. It is always arranged and contested at the “international standards of fair, free and transparency”. Every candidate for any election including Presidential has “equal rights of access to information, association, publication and political campaigning” in the country. Moreover, political stability is achieved through continuation of political system through regular elections at every level and furthermore, within the provision of the constitution.

Role of International Election Observers

There are so many “International Observers” in the country who are free to monitor the procedures, policies, laws and arrangements of Presidential Election in Turkmenistan. There is concept of “Pre & Post Election Engineered Rigging” in Turkmenistan as commonly prevalent in most of the countries of South East Asia, Latin America and Africa. It reconfirms its government’s strong political will towards holding a fair, free and transparent election in the country.

Effective Law about Political Parties

It has many effective laws on political parties and “Law on Political Parties (2012)” is the prime example. It has “Multi-Party” democracy system in which President is elected through a “Direct Vote” as commonly practiced in most of the modern democracies of the world i.e. USA, Russia, Brazil, Thailand etc. It has “universal suffrage” with over the age “18 years” for an eligible voter.

President H.E. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov

President H.E. Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said, “We have three political parties: Democratic Party, Agrarian Party, Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Competition between the three parties will give to elections new level of alternative and will improve the political culture on democratic basis. He gained 97 percent of the vote in the 2012 presidential election.

In December 1991 the Turkmen Communist Party changed its name to the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. The Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (UIE), was formed in August 2012 and now represents the interests of business owners. The Agrarian Party held its initial congress in September 2014; it represents the interests of rural areas and agriculture.

Central Election Commission (CEC)

The Turkmenistan Parliamentarians with the assistance of the Central Election Commission (CEC) now busy to arrange meaningful and interactive meetings in Ashgabat and the administrative centers in the country’s regions for the successful holding of upcoming Presidential Election 2017.

Adoption of the Schedule of Events and Necessary Documents

The Central Electoral Committee has already adopted the schedule of events and necessary documents for optimization of the electoral campaign. Because every vote matters, 2582 polling centres have been established. 39 polling centres have also been established at foreign diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan.

Interactive Series of Meetings & Sessions

Its Central Election Commission has invited heads of ministries and departments, regional administrations, local government bodies, the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Agrarian Party, representatives of public organizations and associations, as well as law enforcement officials to participate in these events which are the part of finalizing arrangements of upcoming Presidential Elections 2017 and electoral campaigns.

The members of the CEC, working groups, representatives of political parties and public associations and the mass media attended the meetings for holding Presidential Election 2017. It was approved schedule of activities for the preparation and holding of presidential elections.

The CEC arranged many meetings wherein the participants discussed a number of organizational issues related to the upcoming campaign, the progress of which will be monitored not only by the national observers from political parties and public organizations, but also by the invited international experts and observers. Meanwhile, the necessary documents have been approved, including manuals, booklets, various materials for observers and citizens of Turkmenistan, as well as planned training workshops for members of district, city and district commissions.

According to the CEC’s decision, fellow citizens who on Election Day will be outside the country, the relevant polling stations will be set up at the diplomatic missions of Turkmenistan.

The participants of the meeting agreed to do everything to the make the upcoming Presidential Election 2017 to be held at the highest organizational level, in strict compliance with the electoral laws of the country and international law with full elements/convictions of fairness, freeness and transparency.

New Political Reality and Improved Legal Framework

Presidential Elections 2017 is going to hold under conditions of new political reality and improved legal framework. Three political parties, namely the Democratic, the Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and Agrarian parties, participate in Presidential election for the first time in Turkmenistan. The “Law in the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan” guarantees fair, free and transparence elections in the country from top to bottom. It was promulgated in 2013 and institutionalized in accordance with general international standards.

President of Turkmenistan’s Prerequisites

It provides each and every possible detail about elections along with different stages and apparatus. According to this Code, the “candidate for President of Turkmenistan has to be a citizen, who was born in Turkmenistan, not younger than 40 years old, speaking the State language and who lived and worked in the country during previous 15 years”.

Role of Initiative Groups of the Citizens

It assures that the right for nomination of the candidates belongs to political parties as well as to the initiative groups of the citizens. It encourages further politicization and subsequently, the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan was established in 1991, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in August, 2012 and the Agrarian Party in September, 2014. Establishment of multiparty system is a value addition for its Presidential form of governance. It enhances a crucial political alternative.

It adds new ideas of delivery, execution and political pluralism. It consolidates political stability and sustainability. It widens better political choice and option of the people to elect their president in a fair, free and transparent manner. Moreover, it strengthens the spirits of a political competition and democratic institutions in the country and “Turkmenistan’s political system is productive, progressive and people’s friendly where people through their free voting patterns elect their representatives including the President”.

Important Role of Initiative Groups of the Citizens

Initiative groups of the citizens play an important role in Turkmenistan. Initiative groups believe in participatory development, capacity building, massive socio-economic development and above all alternativeness. In Turkmenistan six Initiative groups have been formed during the ongoing election campaign for the Presidential Elections 2017.

Nomination Details

They nominated Maksat Annanepesov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Association of Food Industry of Turkmenistan, Jumanazar Annayev, the Deputy Hyakim of Mary Velayat, Ramazan Durdiyev, the Director of Seydi Refinery, Meretdurdy Gurbanov, deputy Hyakim of Dashoguz Velayat, Serdar Jelilov, the director of the Head Department of Economy and Development of Ahal Velayat; Suleymannepes Nurnepesov, General Director of Production Association “Karabogazsulphat” for Presidential Elections 2017.

Salient Features

Their nominations clearly show true democratic traditions of its dynamic political system. Most of them are from corporate world which reconfirms that political stability is must for macro-economic sustainability. Its “Model of Initiative Group” is the replica of “Japanese Political System” where majority of the candidates for premiership are from business community/sector. During current election campaign, all six initiative groups gathered required number of signatures what showcases high standards of its civility, political maturity, grassroots political participation and political understanding among the general masses.

Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Turkmenistan: website:

Moreover, experts of the Central Electoral Committee regularly visit different etraps and velayats and arrange training seminars for the members of local electoral committees. Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of Turkmenistan also launches a website: It provides as easy access to the legislative acts and news items relating to Presidential Elections 2017. The Election Code of Turkmenistan is highlighted under the section “Legislation”, the section “Library” presents the comments to the legislative specifics of the national election system, the guidelines for the election commissions in Ashgabat and regions of the country as well as the samples of blanks.

Informative & Interactive

It is very informative and interactive. It keeps highest standards of professionalism, transparency and above all openness. It further strengthens spirits of transparency in the ongoing political campaigns of the different political parties. It ensures elements of impartiality and neutrality of part of the State and its other important organs.

Highest Standards of Fair, Free and Transparent Elections
It plays an important role in achieving highest standards of fair, free and transparent elections during the Presidential Elections 2017. Information is available in the three languages Turkmen, Russian and English. The documents can be downloaded in pdf format.

Constitutional Guarantee of Fair, Free and Transparent Elections

Turkmenistan has promulgated so many laws to hold fair, free and transparent elections in the country mainly, Law on Approval and Putting the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan into Force (2013), Law on Election of Deputies of the Mejlis (1994, as amended 2004), Law on Elections of Members of Gengeshes (2005), Law on Gengesh (2005), Law on Central Election Commission and Referenda (1999), Law on Amendments and Additions to the Law of Turkmenistan ‘On the Central Commission for Holding Elections and Referenda in Turkmenistan’ (2007), Law to establish the legal foundations of activities and powers of velayat halk maslahatys, their structural units, officials, and members (2005), Law on the Election of Halk Maslakhaty (2005),Law on Presidential Elections (2006), Law on Guarantees of Electoral Rights of the People of Turkmenistan (1999), Law on Amendments and Additions to the Law of Turkmenistan ‘On the Central Commission for Holding Elections and Referenda in Turkmenistan’ (2004), Law on Election of Deputies of the Mejlis (13 May 1994, as amended on 10 December 1998). “The series of electoral amendments, decrees, and laws have already improved complete mechanism of “Elections” in Turkmenistan which is now meeting the highest levels of fair, free and transparency. It also confirms its government’s strong political commitment towards further politicization and democratization in the country”.

Every political party has its own “manifesto and future plans” to attract and convince voters to vote for its nominated and registered presidential candidate in the Presidential Election. Voters are completely free to vote and their “Free Will” is counted, documented and ultimately respected in each election in Turkmenistan. Voting is a “National Duty” which every eligible voter honors in every election in the country.

Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich Berdimuhamedov“Policy Statement”

Incumbent President Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich Berdimuhamedov also delivered his “Policy Statement” for the Presidential Election 2017 which is the combination of his diversified but integrated achievements, future policies, people, business and investment friendly programs, series of reforms and implementations mechanism to achieve certain goals of a qualitative life, political stability, rampant socio-economic development and the last but not the least, sustainability in all sphere of the state during 2017 and beyond.

Primary Objectives

He sets different primary objectives to ensure the prosperity of independent neutral Turkmenistan in the third millennium by making every effort and carrying out great deeds for the sake of a happy and prosperous life of the native people and for sake of interests of the country.

Further Consolidation of the Different Stratums of the Society

He promises to achieve further consolidation of the different stratums of the society and implementation of more democratic values inherited from ancestors through consultation with the people and the wise elders. He plans to build a “Developed Country”. He believes that all the achievements for the benefit of the people and country in the happy state will be successful. He wishes to transform the beautiful Motherland to stable, happy and prosperous country by constructing white marble villages and towns in the beloved homeland.

Incumbent President also sets out different tasks which are given below as:-

i. Significant Increase in Economic Potential: More strengthen the fundamentals of the eternal and inviolable Turkmen state; significantly increase its economic potential. Improve social and living conditions of happy citizens and will raise spiritual perfection of the nation to higher levels.
ii. Greater Industrialization & Comprehensive Development: Achieving high productivity in industry, agriculture and business, introduce into practice the economic mechanisms of further increasing output of Turkmen goods, competitive on international markets, and will bring per capita income to the level of advanced countries.
i. Institutionalization of Science and Technology: Creation of conditions that will open up opportunities for the development of science and education, cultural and humanitarian spheres, and, relying on the rich national spiritual and cultural heritage, will ensure that Turkmen people would be fame in the world as a nation-builder, people-creator.
ii. Rise to Social Protection & Qualitative Health Facilities: Strengthen the social security of people. Consistently improve legislation in accordance with modern requirements. The frames of State program “Health” will provide medical services to citizens at the level of developed countries. Continue work on the construction of health centers, hospitals and therapeutic centers.
iii. Rampant Urban Development & Optimal Utility of Water Resources: Successfully and consistently implement the National Program for the development of villages. Improve the reclamation of cultivated areas. Ensure sustainable use of water resources of the country and will build hydro-irrigation facilities designed for efficient water use. Take all necessary measures for full water supply of acreage. Introduce the most advanced technologies in the water economy of the country.
iv. Ecological Balance: Create settlements with all the amenities for living and along these water reservoirs with a peculiar nature and plant life, create ample acreage of halophytes plants that provide delicious fruit, growing at salty water.
v. High Industrial Productive:
Focus at the developing industrial sectors, creating electronic industry and transforming our country into the industrialized nation.
vi. Balanced Rural & Urban Development: Create good social conditions for citizens living in the cities and districts, and will take all measures to ensure that all streets paved and lit, in order to provide conditions the similar to urban.
vii. Better Rural Transportation Facilities: Reconstruct intercity and rural roads and bridges, and will organize the work of passenger buses.
viii. Better Public Services: Opening of the small centers of public services in all communities, will facilitate opening there modern saunas, playgrounds for children and youth, health centers, cinema and concert halls, workshops of folk crafts, as well as centers for maintenance of vehicles.
ix. Sustained Per capita Growth: Provide consistent population income growth
x. Upward Increase in Wages, Pensions & Scholarship: Keep the focus on issues of increasing wages, pensions, scholarships and state benefits and provision of social benefits for citizens.
xi. Greater Generation of Jobs: Take all measures to ensure the employment of citizens, especially youth, to provide them modern education.
xii. Construction of Better Housing Units: Continue the construction of housing with all amenities, education, sports, health and resort centers, facilities for social and cultural purposes.
xiii. Greater Financial Support: Continue to provide financial support to families, and by ensuring the allocation of the necessary funds for the solution of social tasks of each family, will support successful solution of issues of family, being the primary unit of society, as well as issues of maternity and child health.
xiv. Developed Tourism: Outline the development of tourism in accordance with international standards. Fundamental transformations of recreational and resort system will be one of the important areas of activity.
xv. Greater Politicization & Democratization: Ensure further improvement of the political system of our society and strengthening of local executive authorities, and higher democratizing public life.
xvi. Business & People Friendly Policies: Create favorable conditions for business development in industry and agriculture.
xvii. Price Stability: Stably provide the market with food products at cheap and affordable prices, will implement the necessary measures to increase the number of sheep, cattle and poultry, agricultural production in large volumes.
xviii. Greater Role of local governments: Improve the efficiency of local elected representative bodies provincial, district and town people’s councils, and will raise the role of local governments Gengeshi in the social and political system.
xix. Growth of Political Parties: Continue to create the necessary conditions for improving the work of the newly formed parties.
xx. Close Liaison with International Organizations: Close cooperation with international organizations will continue the struggle against international terrorism, extremism, transnational organized crime, drug trafficking, bribery.
xxi. Strong National Army & Martial Modernization: Strengthen the power of the national army, naval forces, border units, vigilantly guarding the borders of the homeland, and will improve the work of law enforcement agencies, as well as will ensure the consistent equipping of our armed forces with modern weapons and improving social and living conditions of military personnel.
xxii. Better HRMs & Rise to Technical Education: Pay special attention to the formation of a new generation of workers and professionals, who are able for skillful use all the latest communication and multimedia technologies.
xxiii. Optimal Utility of Natural Resources & Reservoirs: Put the country’s natural resources for servicing prosperous life of citizens, will modernize petroleum refining capacities, including the deep processing of hydrocarbon resources on the basis of the advanced technology, production of high demand high-quality products as gasoline polypropylene, liquefied gas
xxiv. Successful Sports Events: Make every effort that the V Asian Indoor Games and Martial Arts to be held in Ashgabat, would demonstrate Turkmenistan’s high prestige in the international sporting world.
xxv. Massive Growth of ICT, & Media: Continue to improve communications and broadcasting sector, and will launch new space satellites that will perform activity for our national economy.
xxvi. Development of National tourist zone: Further developing National tourist zone “Avaza” at Caspian coast, will turn it into one of the world’s most famous recreation and health centers.
xxvii. Rise to Renewables: Effective use of alternative energy sources solar and wind, will render greater support to the promotion of this sector.
xxviii. Rise to Space Technology: Availability of climate and natural opportunities for the study of space, will create the perfect Observatory, which would be equipped with telescopes of various sizes for observations by Turkmen and foreign specialists. It will have all necessary living quarters and offices.
xxix. Friendly Traveling: Work on broad footing to create resorts for those who like family tours and boat travelling, envisaging green areas at 40-50-km distant from each other
xxx. Gorges of the Kopetdag, Koytendag and Sumbar, in protected areas of Badhyz, on the banks of the Amu Darya, Murgab Rivers and Karakum-river, a number of recreation centers, to be built by efforts of Turkmen builders, would present all conditions for the visits of Turkmen and foreign travelers.
xxxi. Network of Resorts: Along the roads, leading to the provincial centers, every 40-50 kilometers will start construction of resorts, which would be located in the dense forest belt with teahouses and landscaped grounds, campgrounds small hotels, as well as modern maintenance centers.
xxxii. Consolidation of Achievements: Combining of current achievements and rich traditions, inherited from the glorious states, founded by Oguz, will reach the great spiritual revival and will confidently move forward and only forward to new heights of progress.

Highest Political Maturity

Incumbent President Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich Berdimuhamedov has transferred his allotted airtime to other presidential candidates which show complete objectivity and transparency in the upcoming Presidential Election 2017.

Message to Compatriots of Presidential Election 2017

He also conveyed his good wishes to all the compatriots of Presidential Election 2017 which shows his highest levels of political maturity and respect. He prayed prosperity, abundance, and good health for each candidate and his family. He also outlined rampant socio-economic development in 2016.

Completion of Mega Projects

The President pinpointed completion of so many mega projects (Oguz Han Engineering Technology University, the International Airport, Paýtagt control centre of the Aşgabatenergob Production Association, a number of medical centres as well as a furniture complex in the Ak Bugday Etrap in Ahal velayat, Aba Annayev village in the Kyarizek Gengeshlik in the Geoktepe Etrap, Children’s health-improving centre in the city of Serdar in the Balkan Velayat) which ensured the growth of the national economy and improved the people’s wellbeing. He also mentioned completion of a number of modern villages and settlements in the Lebap and Mary Velayats and a cottage complex, yacht club and a five-star hotel during 2016 along with strategic Atamyrat-Ymamnazar-Akina section of the Asian international railway transport corridor.

Rampant Agricultural Development

The President highlighted agricultural development in the country which was achieved by the hard-working of agricultural specialists reaped rich harvest of wheat and cotton. Over 1.600 million tons of wheat and more than 1.100 million tons of ‘white gold’ were delivered to the receiving points in the country, he added.

Rise to of private entrepreneurs & Competitive Export-Oriented Goods

Incumbent President also mentioned development of private entrepreneurs, the production of import-substituting and competitive export-oriented goods in 2016 which played crucial role in the national economy and developing the small- and medium-sized business. He also showcased his ambitious health care policies/programs and building of so many hospitals and medical centres throughout the country. He projected development in education, science and introduction of modern technologies and innovative systems for further strengthening of socio-economic development in the country.

Achievements of Culture & Sports

Incumbent President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov projected the achievements in fields of culture and sports and the success achieved by Turkmen athletes’ at international competitions vividly testified to the efficiency of his efforts. Ashgabat will host the V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in 2017.

Achievements at International Levels

President Gurbanguly mentioned his country achievements at the international levels. Turkmenistan for the fifth time, country has been elected to vice-chair at the session of the UN General Assembly. The election of Turkmenistan into a number of the UN specialized institutions and commissions, and recently the Chair of the Energy Charter, is an honour for the people and state. It verified and increased Turkmenistan’s international authority of and its neutral state and the efficiency of the policy pursued in the country. As a reliable partner, we will develop fruitful relations with the United Nations Organisation, he added.

Good Wishes for 2017

He believes that the year of 2017, which we welcome with kind wishes and hopes, will be the year of progress, inspiration and remarkable achievements. While implementing programmes and great initiatives aimed at ensuring the interests of the country and people in the New Year, I rely on the selfless labour of our compatriots. He hoped that during the 2017 Elders Council in the Ahal Velayat, will confer with the wise elders regarding the further development of the country, provision of happy, prosperous life for our citizens and will define the tasks for the future.

Concluding Remarks

Turkmenistan is true democratic country where Parliament and People are supreme. It is a democratic country where political change is achieved through regular elections which are conducted in fair, free and transparent manners. It is democratic country which cares about its people and not profits. It is hoped that the Presidential Election 2017 will further showcase, Turkmenistan’s democratic spirits at large which will contribute to the growth of social and political activity and maturity of its people. Moreover, it is hope d that the Presidential Election 2017 will further strengthen its national drive of palatalization and democratization in the country.

Presidential Election will be held on February 12, 2017 which has strategic importance too. Continuation of elections is the essential part of modern democracy which is the essence of democratic Turkmenistan. People are politically matured enough to vote freely. It is the “Free Will” of its people which dominates in every election in Turkmenistan which is “participatory” and “pro-development” too. Its mass media is paramount, vibrant and independent to monitor the Presidential Election. Its “civil society” is a “balancing act” in political chase of Presidential Election 2017 which upholds elements of fair, free and transparency at the highest levels.

Moreover, its political parties believe in “service, submission and sensibility” and promote national policies of achieving greater social articulation, political stability and the last but not the least, sustained macro-economic development.

The CEC has now permitted all candidates of presidential election 2017 for electoral campaigns which is based on the golden principles of “equality, impartiality, and rule of the law. Keeping in view the unparalleled socio-economic achievements, sustained qualitative life, security, provision of basic necessities of life mainly education, health, shelter and clean drinking water, incumbent President H.E. Gurbanguly Myalikgulyevich Berdimuhamedov has “comparative advantage” over all the presidential candidate and will emerge as “winner” in the upcoming Presidential Election 2017 to be held on February 12, 2017.

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