December 16, 2016


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Standing along the Line of Control looking across the border into the land belonging to India, we the Pakistanis wish that we were alone and companionless as the company of our closest neighbour India is simply like a pain in the neck. From the war imposed on us in 1965 to the tragic Fall of Dacca in 1971, and then to APS Peshawar massacre on16 December 2015, so many times this closest neighbour of us tried to make us believe with its brutal behaviour that one must be careful of one’s neighbours. To tell you the truth, it is India’s selfish attitude which has simply destroyed the peace and prosperity of the whole region. None of the countries in the Indian neighbourhood is safe at the hands of Indian hegemonic designs. Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and even India’s bride Bangladesh, there is not even a single country which could say that it has no conflicting issues with India. What is the root cause of India’s enmity with its neighbouring countries, what are the factors which have made India hostile to its neighbours; no one knows. But one thing is very much obvious that the South-Asian region could have been a paradise of peace and prosperity on earth if India had not been so hostile and aggressive to its neighbouring countries.Read More »ONCE MY BROTHER-BANGLADESH