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Standing along the Line of Control looking across the border into the land belonging to India, we the Pakistanis wish that we were alone and companionless as the company of our closest neighbour India is simply like a pain in the neck. From the war imposed on us in 1965 to the tragic Fall of Dacca in 1971, and then to APS Peshawar massacre on16 December 2015, so many times this closest neighbour of us tried to make us believe with its brutal behaviour that one must be careful of one’s neighbours. To tell you the truth, it is India’s selfish attitude which has simply destroyed the peace and prosperity of the whole region. None of the countries in the Indian neighbourhood is safe at the hands of Indian hegemonic designs. Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan and even India’s bride Bangladesh, there is not even a single country which could say that it has no conflicting issues with India. What is the root cause of India’s enmity with its neighbouring countries, what are the factors which have made India hostile to its neighbours; no one knows. But one thing is very much obvious that the South-Asian region could have been a paradise of peace and prosperity on earth if India had not been so hostile and aggressive to its neighbouring countries.

Some people say that it is Mr. Modi who after coming into power has added fuel to the Indian fire of aggression and hostility to the neighbouring countries but the Indian desire of weakening the neighbouring countries cannot be entitled to Mr. Modi only; it had been the desire of all those who had been ruling India since 1947. Certainly in 1971, Modi was not the Prime Minister of India when Pakistan was divided into two separate portions after a very cunning game of conspiracies. Those were the days when militarily Pakistan was not in such a strong position as it is today but even then the politicians and armed forces of Pakistan did their best to counter Indian conspiracies with their unfathomable courage and passions. Though the Indian authorities have always been denying any of their involvement in separating the East Pakistan from the West Pakistan but credit goes to Mr. Modi that he very openly and boldly rejected this denial. Speaking at the ceremony to receive the award ‘Bangladesh Liberation War Honour’ from President Abdul Hamid in Dacca in June 2015, he said that he was one of the young volunteers who came to Delhi in 1971 to participate in the Satyagraha Movement launched by Jana Sangh to garner support for the Mukti Bahini members. He further admitted that there had been a conspiracy to divide Pakistan; the establishment of Bangladesh was a desire of every Indian and that’s why India’s forces fought along with the Mukti Bahini, thus creating a new country. In short Mr. Modi openly admitted his country’s involvement in creating disturbance in a neighbouring country Pakistan. Conspiracy against the peace, prosperity and solidarity of a country in itself is a very heinous form of terrorism and Mr. Modi admitted that his country had been involved in this type of terrorism. While admitting this crime, Mr. Modi could not remember that he himself had ever been blaming Pakistan of promoting terrorism and sheltering terrorists. During the said hate speech he was so much over-excited that he forgot his own earlier statement in which he had described terrorism as an “enemy of humanity”. He said, “What have terrorists given to the world? Terrorists don’t respect boundaries; they have no ideology, no principles and no culture. They have only one intention – to be the enemy of humanity.” Mr. Modi was very true and honest in his statement because he himself had been a part of the terrorism against a neighbouring country.

But there is another side of the picture too; Modi-like volunteers who were involved in that conspiracy did not know that by dividing Pakistan into two portions, they are adding a new Muslim country Bangladesh to the world map. At present Bangladesh seems playing in the hands of Hasina Wajid but situation would be altogether otherwise when there is no Hasina sitting in India’s lap. Apparently the brave people of Bangladesh are silently observing the atrocities committed by Hasina Wajid, they are witnessing the hanging of old and agile leaders of Jamat-i-Islami, they are passively on looking the cruel game being played by Hasina Wajid and her Indian benefactors; but soon the silently boiling volcano within them is going to explode. Sheikh Hasina will have to pay the price for the bloodshed she is enjoying. One day her own nation shall take her to task for the murder of so many innocent people of Bangladesh who were the real patriots. Some day Hasina will have to pay-off the debt of this brutality.

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