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July 2016



Ali display picThe whole of Pakistani nation observed 20th of this July as a Black Day in showing solidarity with the helpless people of the Indian Held Kashmir who have been facing all kind of atrocities at the hands of the cruel Indian army for the last many decades. The history of these cruelties is replete with so many examples of callousness and pitilessness of the Indian authorities against the Kashmiris but whatever the Indian army did in the last two weeks is really heart-rending. So many innocent young Kashmiris were brutally murdered by thrusting bullets directly into their eyes, so many young girls raped in presence of their parents and so many houses burnt to ashes along with their inhabitants; the whole of Kashmir valley was painted with blood, smoke and the cries of the crushed ones but unfortunately the international authorities on peace and human rights are all silent. They are even avoiding discussion on the fresh wave of atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Why is everyone silent, everyone dumb; no reaction, no protest at international level. It seems that internationally the Kashmir issue is being taken as some personal problem of Pakistan but fact of the matter is that Kashmir is not a personal problem of Pakistan; it is the problem of countless helpless Kashmiris whose lives have become a hell at the hands of ruthless Indian forces. Read More »THE CIVIL WAR IN INDIAN HELD KASHMIR

Solar, electric rickshaws to run in Peshawar soon

solar-electric-rickshaws-To control the ever increasing environmental pollution, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government has decided to introduce solar and electrical rickshaws in Peshawar soon.

Talking to a private news channel, Secretary transport department KP Hamid Gigyani said that the KPK government wanted to reduce pollution in the province and particularly in the capital city Peshawar and that was the reason the electric and solar rickshaws were being introduced.

He said that a number of companies had submitted their proposals to the KPK transport department to introduce rickshaws run by electricity and solar technology.Read More »Solar, electric rickshaws to run in Peshawar soon

Facebook’s solar-powered internet drone makes first successful test flight


facebook-droneSAN FRANCISCO: Facebook Inc said on Thursday it had completed a successful test flight of a solar-powered drone that it hopes will help it extend internet connectivity to every corner of the planet.

Aquila, Facebook’s lightweight, high-altitude aircraft, flew at a few thousand feet for 96 minutes in Yuma, Arizona, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post on his Facebook page.

The company ultimately hopes to have a fleet of Aquilas that can fly for at least three months at a time at 60,000 feet and communicate with each other to deliver internet access.

Google parent Alphabet Inc has also poured money into delivering internet access to underserved areas through Project Loon, which aims to use a network of high-altitude balloons to made the internet available to remote parts of the world.Read More »Facebook’s solar-powered internet drone makes first successful test flight



Ali display pic‘The violence has shaken the whole country, as it appears to be the first attempt at a major attack directed entirely at Muslims,’ says CNN in a report on recent disturbance in Bangladesh. But fact of the matter is that whatever happened there in Bangladesh during the last few weeks is neither unpredicted nor unexpected; more than 23 innocent people were brutally pushed to the realm of death in Holey Artisan Bakery café incident and 3 people at a checkpoint when gunmen carrying bombs tried to attack the country’s biggest gathering for the Eid prayers. Some of the analysts are alleging the Muslim militant organizations for these incidents but it seems quite illogical to fix and Read More »EXPECTED REACTION IN BANGLADESH


By Muhammad Javed


  1. I am a senior citizen in the stage called the “bonus life”.  My father 96, died four years ago. Till his death he sighed about the “Gora Raj” when life of a commoner was really easy, cheap and safe. Government statements were blindly trusted and taken as guaranteed word.  My Grands always wished “Gora Raj” to come back.  In my old age, I freshly remember how easy and safe life I enjoyed till the end of Ayub Khan’s era.  I saw the deliberately created start of indiscipline in every field both individually and collectively making it a national habit from day one, Zulfiqar Bhutto, the world’s first civilian martial law administrator took the rule.  Progress to this indiscipline, chaos, national turmoil, cheating with masses, with each passing time marched past fast.  Came Nawaz Sharif the first time, twisted-facts, lies, daylight white lies, false achievements/claims, both from the elite and the functionaries became the coin of the time.


New rules spark slump in Pakistan real estate market

KARACHI: The federal budget 2016-17 and an amendment to the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 have begun to impact the real estate sector.

Pakistan’s real estate market has witnessed bullish trend for last four years and a drastic price hike in the last one year. Estate agents believe that after the budget announcement 2016-17 and the amendment, the scenario has changed and the market is cooling down.Read More »New rules spark slump in Pakistan real estate market