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Ali display picThe whole of Pakistani nation observed 20th of this July as a Black Day in showing solidarity with the helpless people of the Indian Held Kashmir who have been facing all kind of atrocities at the hands of the cruel Indian army for the last many decades. The history of these cruelties is replete with so many examples of callousness and pitilessness of the Indian authorities against the Kashmiris but whatever the Indian army did in the last two weeks is really heart-rending. So many innocent young Kashmiris were brutally murdered by thrusting bullets directly into their eyes, so many young girls raped in presence of their parents and so many houses burnt to ashes along with their inhabitants; the whole of Kashmir valley was painted with blood, smoke and the cries of the crushed ones but unfortunately the international authorities on peace and human rights are all silent. They are even avoiding discussion on the fresh wave of atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Why is everyone silent, everyone dumb; no reaction, no protest at international level. It seems that internationally the Kashmir issue is being taken as some personal problem of Pakistan but fact of the matter is that Kashmir is not a personal problem of Pakistan; it is the problem of countless helpless Kashmiris whose lives have become a hell at the hands of ruthless Indian forces. As far as Pakistan is concerned, it has ever been a strong supporter of all the crushed ones throughout the world; whether they are in India or in Afghanistan or in Palestine. Pakistan has never supported any kind of insurgency or invasion by anyone in any part of the world because Pakistan itself is facing ever-worst consequences of insurgency in Balochistan and in the areas along the Durand Line. Unfortunately it has become an international hobby to drag Pakistan into every conflicting scenario. Be it the Kashmir Liberation movement, the Khalistan Movement, Mumbai blasts or the Dhaka Bakery firing case; Pakistan is always tried to be found behind the scene. After Modi’s coming into power, this blame game against Pakistan has got a new vigor and force. Some of the elements in US administration have too joined hands with Mr. Modi in this war against Pakistan. Experts are of the opinion that behind all this ‘uneasiness’ there is just one thing; the ever-progressing nuclear program of Pakistan.

According to a recent report in the last two years Mr. Modi and President Obama had seven meetings and every time Pakistan’s nuclear program had been their most favourite topic of discussion. The situation is not simply limited to discussion sessions only; the forces hostile to Pakistan have inducted ‘artistically manufactured’ terrorists whose assignment is to demolish the whole of economic, political and social fiber of Pakistan and ultimately give the world an impression that in Pakistan where everything is in approach of the terrorists, how could be the nuclear assets safe. The Indian and the US authorities have so many times made serious efforts for putting a ban on Pakistan’s nuclear program or at least put it under check but Pakistan has defeated all such notorious efforts very successfully. The forces hostile to Pakistan are well aware of the fact that there could be no threat to Pakistan’s security and existence unless and until Pakistan has a very strong nuclear program. This program is simply a China wall between Pakistan and the forces hostile to its existence.

For the last many years we have been witnessing the aggressive behavior of India along the border and we have recently witnessed the madness of the Afghan army at Torkham boundary line and we have been facing conspiracies of Indian supported insurgency in Balochistan since long; same mischievous behavior could have been observed in other parts of Pakistan also if Pakistan were not a nuclear power. Even the opponents and enemies of Pakistan are well aware of the fact that Pakistan’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes but at the same time they all know that Pakistan would spare not even a single moment in use of nuclear weapons if anyone tried to attack the sovereignty of Pakistan. Pakistan is a very strong and very safe nuclear country in all respects. Not only are its nuclear installations safe but also its nuclear workers are safe unlike India. When we talk of nuclear safety and security, it does not include the safety and security of nuclear installations only; it includes the safety and security of the nuclear scientists, engineers, technicians and other workers too.

Every country has to be very much concerned about the safety and security of its nuclear staff. Besides providing them physical safety and security, a special vigilance is also put on them because the nuclear scientists are always a very favourite target of the secret agencies belonging to the hostile countries. If a nuclear scientist falls in the hands of hostile secret agencies, the situation becomes very dangerous. In such cases the law enforcement agencies are left with no way but to send such culprit to the land of no-return, sometimes by crushing him to a mash in a road accident or by making him target of unidentified shooters or by compelling him to commit suicide ; India has the worst-ever record in this context. According to a data provided by government of India’s Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), between 2009 and 2013, 11 nuclear scientists had unnatural deaths. While 8 of them died in a blast or by hanging or drowning in the sea, 3 died under mysterious circumstances – two allegedly committed suicide while the other died in a road accident. Apart from these 11, there were 15 more nuclear scientists who lost their lives mysteriously. Another report says that since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, fifty-seven accidents have yet occurred and about 60% of all nuclear-related accidents have occurred in the USA. On the other hand India has also been a very unsafe and insecure country regarding the safety and security of its nuclear program. It has yet faced more than six very fatal kind of nuclear accidents; the loss crossing 910 million US$. God knows better who was behind all this loss; if asked from Mr. Modi he would certainly blame Pakistan. But a very encouraging thing on the Part of India is that in spite of all these horrible facts and figures, India is always a blue-eyed boy of US in all conflicting matters of the South-Asian region. Ignoring the incapability of India’s vigilance agencies and moral weaknesses of the Indian nuclear scientists, the US is trying its best to make India the member of Nuclear Supplier Group. This all is pathetically beyond belief and shamefully amazing.

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