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February 2014


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ali-sukhanver2The law and order situation in Pakistan would have been altogether different, if Pakistan were not so generous in hosting millions of Afghan Refugees. Pakistan is still hosting over 1.61 million registered Afghan refugees and this is the largest number of refugees with the ever longest stay in the present history of the world. According to a document of UNHCR, the return of almost 3.8 million registered Afghan refugees has been made possible since 2002. In spite of the fact that some of the Afghan Refugees have ever been involved in anti-Pakistan activities, the government of Pakistan has never tried to push them back across the borders simply because it has always been the basic ingredient of  the Pakistan’s policy to safeguard the basic human rights to every possible extent.Read More »SAY FAREWELL TO BATTLEFIELD


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ali-sukhanver2Separation of Balochistan from Pakistan is a demand of the people of Balochistan or a desire of the international conspirators; certainly not a very confusing question. If it were a demand of the people of Balochistan, they would not have taken a very vibrant part in the previous Local Bodies Elections as well as in the National Elections. Before these elections some of the analysts had been highlighting the fear of the so-called separatists that the elected leaders would emerge as a force at the grassroots with a vested interest in preserving the system. This fear simply exposed the hollowness of the claims of the separatists regarding the majority of the Baloch being opposed to Pakistan. On the other hand a few Read More »ILLOGICAL DESIRE

Firefox aims to introduce $25 smartphone

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BARCELONA: Firefox OS, an upstart smartphone operating system aimed at challenging the Apple and Google duopoly, will power a new category of $25 smartphones for developing countries, the California-based nonprofit Mozilla Foundation said Sunday.

Mozilla sought to show off the success of its system, launched a year ago to prise open a market in which Google´s Android was at the heart of 78.4 percent of all smartphones sold last year and Apple´s iOS in another 15.6 percent, according to figures from technology research house Gartner Inc.Read More »Firefox aims to introduce $25 smartphone

I don’t trust cards anymore

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Muhammad Javed

javed f3According to a news item of 21 February 2014 the government announced Taxpayer Privileges and Honour Card Scheme for 100 top taxpayers entitling them to use VIP Lounge at airports, fast-track clearance at immigration counters etc.

15 years or so back the then Finance Minister on the august floor of the national assembly presenting the new Budget announced a similar incentive scheme to the Overseas Pakistanis (OPs).  Under that one who remitted through legal channel was to be issued an OPF Remittance Card of the category according to his annual remittance.  The categories of cards are Silver, Gold and Platinum entitling different incentives.  Two such incentives irrespective of one’s category of the Card held were namely (i) separate quick handling counters at the airports and (ii) card holders to be invited at all official functions held by Pakistani Missions abroad.Read More »I don’t trust cards anymore

USEFP launches Fulbright Centre at FC College Lahore

The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP), in partnership with the US Mission to Pakistan, inaugurated Fulbright Centre at the Forman Christian College (FCC) on Thursday in order to promote opportunities for students interested in studying in the US.
USEFP Executive Director Rita Akhtar, FCC Rector Dr James Tebbe, the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) Faculty of Liberal Arts dean and a number of former Fulbright scholars were present on occasion.
The centre’s facilities for students include an Education USA advising centre, where advisers are available to provide unbiased and accurate information free of cost to students who hope to study in the US. Read More »USEFP launches Fulbright Centre at FC College Lahore