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ali-sukhanver2Separation of Balochistan from Pakistan is a demand of the people of Balochistan or a desire of the international conspirators; certainly not a very confusing question. If it were a demand of the people of Balochistan, they would not have taken a very vibrant part in the previous Local Bodies Elections as well as in the National Elections. Before these elections some of the analysts had been highlighting the fear of the so-called separatists that the elected leaders would emerge as a force at the grassroots with a vested interest in preserving the system. This fear simply exposed the hollowness of the claims of the separatists regarding the majority of the Baloch being opposed to Pakistan. On the other hand a few representatives of the Baloch Republican Army commented that the state wanted to deceive the world through election process at different levels. The on-ground realities however supported neither the fears of the separatists nor the assessment of the representatives of the Baloch Republican Army. The people of Balochistan proved on to the world that they are very much political and democratic; they know very well how to use their right of vote in a civilized manner. Separation from Pakistan is neither the need nor the demand of the people of Balochistan, it could be a desire of a few people with vested interests and certainly they are not supported by the whole of Balochi nation. The people of Balochistan would not be participating in the matters of national interest, if they were with the separatists. Today the participation of the elected members in the meetings of the Provincial Assembly, the National Assembly and the Senate, appearance of the candidates from Balochistan in the Competitive Exams and presence of countless Baloch brave soldiers and officers in different law-enforcement agencies is a proof that the Baloch people are an integral part and parcel of Pakistani society.

It is also a very bitter reality that Balochistan has always been a center of neglect by different political governments at national and provincial levels. There has been a lack of sincerity and devotion for the people of Balochistan. The development work, the opportunities of employment, facilities of health and education and the means of communication were not given that priority and importance which must have been the issue of main concern but the responsibility of this situation does not fall only on the shoulders of the federal government, the locally elected members of the Provincial and National Assemblies are also responsible for this ‘democratic atrocity’. So many times we learn through print and electronic media and from the speeches and statements of different political leaders that the precious treasures hidden beneath the rocky mountains of Balochistan can make the whole world prosperous for hundred of years but in spite of so much wealth, a common man of Balochistan has to travel a distance of hundreds of miles is to go to the Nishtar Hospital Multan for the treatment of his ordinary ailments. A common man of Balochistan is getting no benefit of the precious treasures hidden beneath his own land. The only benefit he gets out of these hidden treasures is the meager amount he is paid as the labour for digging out these precious treasures. He has never been a direct share-holder in any kind of royalty given to the Sardars or Nawabs for these treasures. And this thing certainly gives birth to a feeling of deprivation among the common people of Balochistan but it doesn’t have any linkage with any type of separatist movement. It is very much true that sometimes there is an atmosphere of silent protest and soundless complaint in Balochistan but it is not against the State of Pakistan; it is against the system. The fact of the matter is that the problem with Balochistan is neither of political nature nor it is a case of any type of deprivation or exploitation; it is simply a pathetic story of criminal neglect and intentional ignorance. Keeping in view the famous proverbial ‘make hay when the sun shines’, some of the Western conspirators in collaboration with a few of Baloch sardars are exploiting this situation as much as possible. They are trying to give the world an impression that the rage or wrath or dissatisfaction of the Baloch people is expression of their desire of detachment from Pakistan. The sole objective of creating this atmosphere of confusions and misunderstandings is nothing but to provide a solid base to the foreign forces to intrude Balochistan. For this purpose sometimes the name of BLA is introduced and sometimes it is BRA. With the help of various terrorist activities, innocent people are being slaughtered in the name of caste and creed. Places of religious sacred importance are being targeted. Even the children and women are not being spared. All these actions have never been a part of the glorious Baloch traditions.  It is absolutely unintelligible how the groups claiming to liberate Balochistan could go against the Baloch traditions because for a Baloch the most sacred thing is his culture and traditions.


Some of the analysts are of the opinion that the international forces are playing a horrible game in the name of the liberation of Balochistan. They have fixed their eyes on the natural treasures of Balochistan and they simply want to grab these treasures. Unfortunately these forces have won the sympathies and support of some of the Baloch sardars who in fact have never been a part of the Baloch society. These sardars usually spend their lives in western countries in a very lavish and luxurious way. They have never experienced the ordeals which are simply a routine of life for a common Baloch. These so-called Baloch leaders have full support of some of the members of the US Congress. These Congressmen have their own grievances with Pakistan because they think that Pakistan had been sheltering Osama-bin-Laden, so to penalize Pakistan for that sin of sheltering, they want to teach Pakistan a lesson in form of separation of Balochistan. Whether it is the international lust for the treasures hidden under the rocky mountains of Balochistan or desire of the US Congressmen to teach Pakistan a lesson for sheltering Osama Bin Laden or the wish of the sardars sitting in the foreign lands to rule over Balochistan, it is the responsibility of the whole nation to pay serious attention to the situation. We all will have to join hands together to bring back the paradise like peaceful calmness and serene tranquility of Balochistan.

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