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Challenge of wasteful passions

Article written by Mr. Zafar Hilaly, published in “THE NEWS” on 30th October 2013 James Stewart thought that he was successful if he played the part and the acting didn’t show. Well, there was precious little on view except acting during Nawaz Sharif’s Washington visit. As for the ‘acting’, that […]

Pakistan slides further down the list

THE NEWS report by Mehtab Haider  Pakistan overall ranking in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2014 further slid towards bottom as the country failed to undertake any business regulatory reforms. The report disclosed that the country’s ranking in terms of paying taxes stood at 166 with 47 payments per […]

How fear of Qaeda hurts US more than Qaeda

David Rohde:  Three disclosures this week show that the United States is losing its way in the struggle against terrorism. Sweeping government efforts to stop attacks are backfiring abroad and infringing on basic rights at home. CIA drone strikes are killing scores of civilians in Pakistan and Yemen. The National […]


ALI SUKHANVER Fame and prominence are very natural type of desires. Living and dying in this world without any recognition and without being acknowledged is something very difficult and very unnatural. Different people adopt different ways and manners to satisfy their desire of fame and recognition. Some take the sword […]

Pakistan Real Estate Industry 14

Real Estate is a promising and growing sector of the Pakistani economy. Pakistan spends $5.2 billion on construction in a year and according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, construction output accounts for 2% of GDP. Recently, with the increase in the rate of urbanization, there has been a rise […]

Asian Development Bank’s Energy Outlook 2013

Pakistan needs to enhance reliance on imports With continued energy demand growth in Pakistan, it will be increasingly difficult to meet the demand with domestic sources and Islamabad will have to increasingly rely on imported energy sources, the Asian Development Bank’s Energy Outlook 2013 revealed on Monday. In the business […]

SMS to 9988 to know passport status 11

Islamabad: Directorate General of Immigration and Passports has launched a short messaging service (SMS) to help the applicants track their passports and get them easily. The applicants can find their documents by sending an SMS, containing their tracking number to 9988, whereby the automated system would respond with the information […]


ALI SUKHANVER Death is always very painful, not only for the one who dies but also for those who are left behind to mourn over his death. If the process of dying is natural, the feeling of loss is minimized with the passage of time but if death is the […]