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ali-sukhanver2Death is always very painful, not only for the one who dies but also for those who are left behind to mourn over his death. If the process of dying is natural, the feeling of loss is minimized with the passage of time but if death is the result of some cruelty or brutality, the sense of loss among the dear and near ones of the deceased one keeps on increasing. This never ending feeling of loss is always prevalent among those whose kith and kin are forced to the realm of death as a result of some suicidal attack, some bomb blast or drone attacks. It is only the dear and near ones of martyred soldiers who never repent or mourn over their death because they know their beloved ones have sacrificed their life for their motherland. But sometimes even the sacrifices of soldiers defending their country become a constant source of pain and agony for the members of their family. This is what the world saw a few weeks back in Indian Occupied Kashmir where in two different incidents fifteen members of the law enforcing agencies, including army and police officials, were callously targeted by the so-called terrorists but later on it came to the surface that the terrorists were no one else but the paid terrorists of the BJP. The Kashmir Monitor blamed that these attacks on law enforcement agencies in Heera Nager, Jammu were organized by the Shohada Brigade which is allegedly sponsored by the Pakistan army. The government of Pakistan showed no concern on this allegation because framing Pakistan in every act of terrorism in India has always been a routine matter, rather a habit of the Indian authorities. Like a peace-loving neighbour, the government of Pakistan strongly condemned these terrorist attacks and conveyed sincere sympathies to the families of those who lost their lives in these attacks. Moreover the reaction of the Indian Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh to these brutal incidents of terrorism had also been very positive and sensible. Going against the wind, keeping away the political interests of his party he said in his statement that such attacks would not deter India from pursuing peace through dialogue and that such attacks will not be allowed to derail efforts to find solutions of all problems through peaceful dialogue. His statement shows that he is very well aware of the hidden reality that the Hindu activists of various Indian political parties are not happy with the on going peace dialogues between Pakistan and India. It is a daylight fact that the Congress, BJP and other political parties are doing all their best to win the support of the religious extremist elements in the upcoming elections. It has been reported in Indian newspapers that BJP had openly opposed Man Mohan’s talks with Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif when he was there in New York to address UN General Assembly a few weeks back. It has also been reported that ‘Hate-Pakistan’ is the most popular slogan, the BJP intends to exploit in the forth coming elections. The Kashmir Monitor is also working to promote and popularize this slogan. Just to exploit Pakistani factor to win Hindu votes, the Kashmir Monitor reported the incidents in poisonously dangerous words, trying to give an altogether new look, rather changing the whole scenario. The paper said, “The terrorists had disguised using Indian Army uniform and managed to enter Heera Nager Police Station in Samba. Later hijacking a truck they attacked the Base Camp of a Cavalry Regiment. Shohada Brigade (Martyr’s Brigade) claimed responsibility for these attacks in a phone call to The Kashmir Monitor.”

Claiming the responsibility of terrorist activities on phone calls has become a very controversial issue. Usually this act of claiming the responsibility is accomplished with the help of some newspaper or some TV channel. Be it Pakistan, India, Iraq or Afghanistan, after every incident of terrorism the leader of some unknown terrorist group makes a phone call to some particular media group from some unknown place and claims the responsibility of the incident. There is no way to attest the validity or authenticity of the caller or the claim. We see in Pakistan, after every suicide attack on innocent people, the armed forces or on the minorities, the whole blame is shifted on to the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan. It happened so many times that the Tehreek-Taliban had to clarify its position through its spokesman by denying its involvement in some particular act of terrorism. The recent brutal suicidal attack on a Church in Peshawar could be quoted as an example in this context. The spokesman of the Tehreek-Taliban Pakistan straightforwardly rejected any possibility of the involvement of his Tehreek in this act of terrorism. It could be true that some detracted groups of Tehreek-e-Taliban might be acting upon their own plans and their own agenda by misusing the name of the Tehreek, but that doesn’t mean that without authentic investigation, all blame must be shifted to the Tehreek-Taliban, simply on the basis of a phone call claiming the responsibility. It is the same practice which is followed by some Hindu extremist groups. They dress themselves up sometimes in the uniform of the Indian soldiers, sometimes in the uniform of the Pakistani soldiers and sometimes disguise them as Kashmiri freedom fighters. The same thing happened there in SambaTown and Heera Nager. The terrorists dressed up in uniform of the Indian army belonged to BJP’s professional armed groups of criminals who are paid for every act of terrorism.

Peace and harmony are the most essential elements required for the betterment and prosperity both on international and regional level. The people of India and Pakistan and even the authorities of the two countries must try to realize that hatred could never help us win any war. This world doesn’t need war, it needs peace and friendship. In the last few months the BJP’s hi-ups have been doing all possible to create an air of hatred between Pakistan and India but it is Man Mohan Singh who with the help of his wisdom and astuteness did not let the conspiracies succeed. It is hoped that under the prime minister ship of Man Mohan Singh, the whole of the India nation would keep on welcoming the peace efforts from the people and the government of Pakistan.

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