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July 2013

Pakistani students shine at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

Moscow: Pakistani students have again proved their mettle at the international level with their superlative performance at the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad 2013 (IChO), held in Moscow, Russia.

The team of four students were sponsored by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The team secured three bronze medals, with which Pakistan recorded its best performance since 2005 when it first took part in the competition.Read More »Pakistani students shine at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

LAHORE: 5000 acres of land allocated for solar power projects

Provincial energy minister says private companies can get land for $1 per acre per year on 20 years’ lease

The Punjab government has decided to allocate 5,000 acres of land for private solar power projects in Cholistan. The land will be allotted to the solar power sector investors at a nominal rate of $1 per acre per year for 20 years lease. Out of this 5,000 acres land, 2,500 acres land is located in Maroot, district Bahawalnagar and the rest 2,500 acres land is located on Din Garh Road, tehsil Yazman district Bahawalpur.
Read More »LAHORE: 5000 acres of land allocated for solar power projects


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Sometimes it seems next to impossible to decide what the actual problem of Balochistan is. Countless targeted killings, kidnappings, suicide attacks and bomb blasts have deprived the beautiful land of Balochistan of peace and prosperity. Just a few years back there was an impression that only the non-Balochis are being targeted in Balochistan. As a result of this impression thousands of Punjabis, Mohajirs, Sindhis and people from other ethnic identities started saying good-bye to Balochistan. But unfortunately the story of violence took another shift; unknown and unidentified Read More »FOREIGN HANDS IN BALOCHISTAN

Women challenge men in Pakistan’s first female jirga

AKHUN BABA: When 16-year-old Tahira was murdered in a horrific acid attack last year, her poverty-stricken parents got no justice. Pakistan officials slammed the door in their faces and the police refused to listen.

The prime suspect – the girl’s abusive husband – lived in freedom until the case was taken up by Pakistan’s first female jirga, a community assembly set up to win justice for women in the face of immense discrimination.Read More »Women challenge men in Pakistan’s first female jirga


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“That was no doubt the most dreadful night of my life,” a Swiss tourist in her late thirties was talking to the media in a tone filled with harassment and fear. She had been on a visit to India this March with her husband. “I had just changed my dress and was simply wearing a night gown when six wild stinking Indians thronged at the door of my room. They started beating my husband ruthlessly, threw him out of the room and within a few minutes I was a helpless prey and they were the hunters. I could never forget their wild brutality. The whole of my body was painfully bleeding when they left my room after raping me for the continuous three hours. That time I did not have even the strength and courage to go to the Read More »WHAT HAPPENED THAT DREADFUL NIGHT

Top Pakistani universities

LUMS, IBA and SZABIST Institute of Management Sciences top in business category

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has announced the ranking of Pakistani universities on the basis of quality teaching and research.

HEC Chairman Dr Javaid R Laghari announced the rankings at a press conference held at the commission secretariat. Speaking on the occasion, the HEC chairman said the primary purpose of the ranking was to share the key issues that determine the state of higher education in a particular institution and drive the higher education institutions (HEIs) towards improved quality and research and promote a culture among HEIs of the country for participation in the world rankings.Read More »Top Pakistani universities

Use of coal in the 21st century

By Dr Farid A Malik

Coal has met the energy needs of humans for centuries. The decline of this fuel resource started in the mid 20th century when large reservoirs of oil and gas were discovered. Despite the environmental degradation by the combustion of coal, most large economies of the world are dependent on its use. Countries like USA, China, India, Malaysia, Russia and Germany produce power by burning coal. The Koyoto Protocol has put a lid on the direct use of this fossil fuel. The entire civilised world, including Pakistan but excluding USA, are signatories to this agreement. As US meets around 56 percent of its energy needs by direct combustion of coal, it refused to be dictated by the Koyoto Protocol. Instead the Obama Read More »Use of coal in the 21st century