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April 2011



Nothing but a wastage of time and energy; a lot of conferences, lectures and seminars, discussions and dialogue sessions; all simply ending over a cup of tea; that is how every year we celebrate the days of our national importance. What we do is not what we need. At present Pakistan is passing through the ever-worst phase of its history; political fragility, economic instability, catastrophically disastrous law and order situation particularly in Karachi and Balochistan, rampant corruption throughout the country and above all a warlike scenario along the borders; the situation really does not need words but action. The most important thing is that we must recall to our minds the motive and objective behind the creation of Pakistan. At present the nation is looking towards four pillars of society that are supposed to provide vigor and strength to our national infrastructure; the armed forces, the judiciary, the media and the politicians. As far as the armed forces and the judiciary are concerned, they are doing their best. The media is also trying to play a vital role. But unfortunately the politicians are not showing the required seriousness and concern over the deteriorating situation. Certain political factions are creating doubts and speculation in the minds of Pakistani youth by projecting religious, ethnic, regional and chauvinistic themes. Their political agenda seems based Read More »A NEW RAY OF HOPE IN BALOCHISTAN