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September 2010

Environmental impact may have triggered floods in Pakistan

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Lahore: Moody International Pakistan says that environment impact and greenhouse gas pollution may have triggered floods in Pakistan as “dramatic’ weather patterns are consistent with changes in the climate caused by mankind and ill planned and loosely supervised industry”

It may be added that Moody International operating in 60 countries is a well-known and credible brand name for Environmental Certification globally and Pakistan and has assisted many companies in Pakistan & around the world to get Environmental Certification.Read More »Environmental impact may have triggered floods in Pakistan

Poor land management, outdated irrigation system cause floods

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Large number of dams is the  answer

Tanvir Siddiqi

Islamabad: Global warming with consequential climate change might be one explanation for Pakistan’s devastating floods, but scientists believe poor land management and outdated irrigation systems are also to blame for the devastation caused by the worst floods in the country’s history.

Flooding has battered Pakistan since the onset of heavy monsoon rains a month ago, affecting almost the entire country from north to south.

More than 1,600 people have died and more than 6 million are homeless, according to the U.N. The total population affected is at least 17 million.Read More »Poor land management, outdated irrigation system cause floods

Uzbekistan Independence Day

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov

September the 1st, the Nation of Uzbekistan celebrates the country’s 19th Anniversary of Independence. Within short period, Uzbekistan has experienced profound transformation in socio-economic, cultural and political life. Creation of new state system, rebuilding social and economic structure of the new country, revival of historical heritage and cultural identity, were among the first challenges of the Nation.Read More »Uzbekistan Independence Day

Pakistan: Car prices likely to increase by 2-3 percent in September 2010

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By Moonis Ahmed

KARACHI: With rising rupee-yen parity (Yen appreciated by 7 percent against rupee in quarter ending June 2010), all car assemblers have once again muscled up for price increase.

According to analysts, after discussion with industry the conclusion came out that car prices may increase by 2 to 3 percent in the next few days on different models of Pak Suzuki and Indus motors.

It is worth mentioning that Pak Suzuki has already increased car prices of Jimny and APV last week. This partial impact of yen would provide assemblers some cushion to declining gross margins. The expected increase in car prices would be on top of the price increase witnessed in April’10 (by 2-3 percent). As far as volumetric sales are concerned, the sector has started feeling the heat of floods as car demand and premiums on spot purchases have declined.
Read More »Pakistan: Car prices likely to increase by 2-3 percent in September 2010