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September 2010

United Arab Emirates continued Health Care Programs in Pakistan

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

From UAE dynasties to dynamics every one is fully committed and wholeheartedly engaged with the ongoing relief operations and health services in different parts of Pakistan. UAE’s intensive relief operation in Pakistan once again proves its full commitment to humanitarian and ethical responsibilities and its keen interest to save lives and human dignity.

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Pakistan Politics: Are we on way to revolution?

Zafar Alam Sarwar

One of our college fellows in good old days used to wear costly dresses on alternate days. And many of us thought roughly “he must be son of a millionaire.” But he had no chauffeur-driven car. Nor was he seen ever dropping from a GTS bus. He was however always on time in the college. One day I chased him like an American CIA man. After the last period he went straight to a well-maintained shop, changed his dress and returned home where I stood waiting for him. “You naughty body-builder, I already sensed you’re after me. But, for God’s sake, don’t disclose to anybody in the college. That dry-cleaning shop is my elder brother’s. I do it just to cover my poverty. I’ve spoken the truth.” Read More »Pakistan Politics: Are we on way to revolution?

Ideology, Islam & the West

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Bushra Zulfiqar
I have always found the blanket and almost decisive division between the liberals and extremists very artificial, un-substantative and mostly untrue of the multiple realms within which these ideologies operate. There are individuals, societies, ideas, cultures and actions which are either or nor or both or one of the two but the distinction cannot be so clear cut and simple. Liberalism cannot always be equated with objectivity and rationality just as extremism does not necessarily mean bombings, arms and violence. In my view, these are two famously infamous concepts which basically represent a state of being, a stage of evolution or a natural cyclical process of life influenced by external factors, be it of an individual or a society at large. Read More »Ideology, Islam & the West

Why hope remains for Pakistan?

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By Mustafa Farooq

As I climbed onto the tarmac at the Benazir Bhutto airport in Islamabad, the rain drenched my copy of the Daily Telegraph in my hand, rendering it almost unreadable by the time I got into the terminal. But it didn’t really matter; the newspapers were really repeating the same thing in different ways. The flooding, massive economic degradation, scandal, corruption, and terrorism have all become enmeshed into the single term that embodies Pakistan in the newspapers today; we are to believe that the end is nigh, or at least shortly on the horizon. Read More »Why hope remains for Pakistan?

Energy efficient hybrid bike to hit Pakistan markets after Eid


MULTAN: Pakistan’s first company manufactured energy efficient hybrid motorcycle is going to hit the domestic market shortly after Eidul Fitr.

And guess what? It gives a taste of quality bike ride with an edge of high-energy efficiency and environment-friendliness.

Hybrid bike was another novel but consumer-friendly idea of an entrepreneur born in Multan, Chaudhry Mohammad Yousaf Ibrahim, after launching country’s first battery-run bike in May 2008 in the city of saints.Read More »Energy efficient hybrid bike to hit Pakistan markets after Eid


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 Is it the climax of love or the peak of hatred that Selig Harrison talks of nothing but Pakistan and the ISI? He is a well known journalist, at present, working as the director of the Asia Program at the Center for International Policy and a senior scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. Once he had been the Bureau Chief of the Washington Post in Asia. His sole aim of life has always been to hold Pakistan responsible for every act of terrorism throughout the world. Here is an extract from his statement which he made in July 2002 while addressing a seminar at Woodrow Wilson Center of International Scholars. The topic of discussion was Human Rights Violations in Indian Held Kashmir. “It is good news that the American press had finally discovered the activities of the ISI. This spy agency is playing a very active role in bringing jehadis from all over the world to Afghanistan and helping them to train as terrorists but  activities which ISI is carrying out in Kashmir have  never been the focus of the American media..”Read More »SELIG HARRISON-REPUTE AND CREDIBILITY

Super Flood’s Socio-Economic Implications and Response of Islamic Countries

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan

Pakistan is passing through a severest super flood which has already produced multiplier effects in its socio-economic fabrics. According to the latest report of the UN (August, 2010), the number of people suffering from the massive floods in Pakistan exceeds to 30, more than the combined total of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. According to the official estimations the most affected province is Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.Read More »Super Flood’s Socio-Economic Implications and Response of Islamic Countries

The secularism in Pakistan- By Qaisar Sultan

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The debate regarding the secularism is complex and divisive in a fanatical society as ours. After sixty three years, we are still engaged in the debate if Pakistan was created as a theocratic state (Islamic state) or just for the Muslim minority in the majority Hindu India. When Mr. Gandhi alluded to the brotherhood between himself and Mr. Jinnah, he countered the ploy by suggesting that Mr. Gandhi had four votes against one of mine, meaning under that set up the Hindu majority would dominate the Muslims- That was the clarity of Mr. Jinnah. We know that he was not a religious man. Most of his friends before joining the Muslim leagues were Hindu and Parsi intellectuals. The Muslims intellectuals of India were mostly orthodox. Mr. Jinnah hardly practiced the religion; and ate and drank that his heart desired; he loved dogs. After his law education, he wanted to be an actor and was hired to play a role in a prestigious theater company in Shakespearian play; he was a liberal and westernized man. Mr. Jinnah’s ideas about a secular state was not even possible due to religious mind set of his followers; most of them waited for him to die so that they could change everything that he believed in- He was truly  an enlightened and secular man.Read More »The secularism in Pakistan- By Qaisar Sultan

Martial Law: Can it be averted?

Zahid Malik

MQM’s supremo Altaf Hussain’s statement on 22nd of August that his Party would openly support the patriotic Generals if they took any martial law type action against the corrupt politicians and feudal lords, created a sensation across the country. The epicentre of the statement was London residence of the MQM Chief, where the earthquake was recorded at 8.5 on the political Richter scale and its aftershocks are still being felt.
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Socio-economic implications of flood crisis in Pakistan

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Pakistan’s worst ever flooding disaster has damaged twenty percent area of the country, which is roughly equal to the size of England. It affected twenty million peoples, intensified the energy crisis and may create fears of social unrest in the near future.

This humanitarian disaster left more than five million people homeless and around ten million in urgent need of humanitarian aid. According to the United Nations, the disaster has affected close to 20 million people, killing 1,600 and leaving 1.2 million homes damaged or destroyed.
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