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Environmental impact may have triggered floods in Pakistan

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Lahore: Moody International Pakistan says that environment impact and greenhouse gas pollution may have triggered floods in Pakistan as “dramatic’ weather patterns are consistent with changes in the climate caused by mankind and ill planned and loosely supervised industry”

It may be added that Moody International operating in 60 countries is a well-known and credible brand name for Environmental Certification globally and Pakistan and has assisted many companies in Pakistan & around the world to get Environmental Certification.

In a meeting with Chief Minister Punjab Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, Rashid Mehr Managing Director of Moody International Pakistan said the recent floods in Pakistan caused both in shape of human casualties and large scale displacement and destruction of agriculture. There is a hidden opportunity for us to understand and examine the root cause which may affect us yet again if industrialization continues at the cost of environments.

But we need to design a more balanced and environmentally friendly method to address the issue which conserves the environments as well as the industry continues to grow, Mehr stressed.

He requested the Chief Minister to gives equal importance to environment and introduce “Corporate Social Responsibility” in the province of Punjab first. He made the following recommendations to the office of CM which may help reduce the intensity of floods in the future.

* Strengthening of Environmental Protection Agency of Punjab (EPA)

* EPA must ensure that any new industry in particular textile processing, dyes and chemicals, leather, heavy industry, poultry & dairy farming industry must fulfill the environmental, social and moral obligation as per EPA Laws and get approval through rightful means.

* All new industry of any nature including dairy and poultry farming (which is causing harm to bio-diversity) must be planned and installed in industrial zones far from crop cultivation areas and dwelling.

* Polluting of rivers by the industry near Kasur and other areas of Punjab must be strictly monitored and violators must be reprimanded.

* Lack of basic sanitation and sewage system must be addressed with a iron hand.

* Garbage disposal, hospital waste causing hepatitis, and Pakistan tops the list, thus adding to our health and medical bill needs very passionate solution.

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