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Change in process of car imports by overseas Pakistanis

The Ministry of Commerce on Monday issued a clarification for the information of general public and stakeholders including overseas Pakistanis about the recent decisions taken for streamlining the process of facilitating import of used vehicles in the country.

Overseas Pakistanis have the facility of importing used cars under Baggage, Gift and Transfer of Residence schemes. The use of this provision in the Import Policy was never intended for commercial imports, the ministry said.

It was further stated that: “In order to remove chances of any continued misuse of the scheme, without reducing its availability to the genuine beneficiaries, that is overseas Pakistanis, a provision was added in the Import Policy to allow for the payment of Duties and Taxes on such import in foreign exchange by the importer (overseas Pakistani) from his own bank account.”

“This is to make sure that no one else imports in the name of that beneficiary. Due consideration is, however, being given to the fact that there was an inventory of vehicles in transit while this decision was being taken or under implementation. In order to avoid undue hardship, a facilitating provision is being finalized for the vehicles in transit only as a one-time dispensation.”

The ministry noted with concern that there are statements being issued by some office bearers of an association which might convey the impression as if this new provision of policy is being done away for all future imports.

“It is therefore clarified that the commercial importers were neither the intended beneficiaries nor the rightful stakeholders in the matter of import of used vehicles under the Baggage, Gift and Transfer of Residence schemes,” the ministry added.

It further mentioned that it is for the benefit of overseas Pakistanis and the provision of payment of duties and taxes from their accounts has become part of the import policy after due deliberations at the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet.

The Ministry of Commerce warned that anyone making any further imports in the hope of any expected change in this policy will do so at his own risk and the Customs authorities will be advised to confiscate such vehicles or take any other legal action meant to deal with illegal imports. The ministry does not intend to make any changes in this provision of policy except for the vehicles stuck up in the transit.

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