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 ALI SUKHANVERAre we trying to disfigure the actual form and shape of the message of Islam; this question really becomes agonizingly painful to me whenever I try to go deep into Allama Iqbal’s concept of the Muslim Community; and this question compels me ponder over the other side of the picture. Allama Iqbal was of the opinion that the Muslims living all over the world belong to one community, they obey the same Lord , follow the preaching of the same Prophet (PBUH) and seek guidance from the same Book which is a complete code of life for every Muslim till the end of his life. He said this concept of oneness and solidarity adds a lot to the strength of the Muslims as a nation. He was of the opinion that the message of Islam could never remain confined to a particular piece of land and this concept gives Islam a colour of universality. But what is happening in today’s Muslim world, is altogether different from the thoughts and ideology presented by Allama Iqbal. Unfortunately we don’t find any cordial relationship between any of the two Muslim countries. Just look at the relationship between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Syria, Bangladesh and Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan, Kuwait and Iran, Iraq and Syria and above all between  Pakistan and Afghanistan; everywhere a blazing inferno of hatred and enmity. Where is that ‘Utopian’ world of love, care and brotherly feelings as presented and advocated by Allama Iqbal. At the same time, when we look at the Non-Muslim world which never claims of being part of a ‘community’, we find an unshakable and unbreakable bond of care and co-operation there. What are the factors which do not let the Muslim countries come close and what are the elements responsible for creating distances and differences among the Muslim countries; this topic needs a lot of research and analysis. The ever worst example of disintegration in the Muslim world is the conflicting relationship between two Muslim countries is that of Afghanistan and Pakistan. These two countries are always in a silent state of war, all time a scenario filled with blames and allegations. And the behaviour of Afghanistan is often more aggressive and more violent.


Afghanistan has been facing the ever-worst situation of law and order since after the US invasion in Afghanistan. Countless bomb blasts and suicidal attacks on NATO installations and on those who have been taking care of the US interests in Afghanistan  are a proof that the native people of Afghanistan are not ready to accept the foreign influence in their country. But instead of realization of facts, the Afghan government has ever been busy in doing propaganda against Pakistan, holding Pakistan responsible for all kind of terrorist activities and blaming Pakistan for supporting terrorists groups and militias in Afghanistan. This baseless and unfounded blame-game reflects the ungratefulness and ungraciousness of the Afghan government because Pakistan has always been very helpful and supportive for the people of Afghanistan and creating any trouble for Afghanistan has never been the aim and objective of Pakistan. Whatever Pakistan did for the Afghan refugees and how Pakistan provided all type of favour and support to these refugees is a daylight fact. In December 2012, approximately 1.7 million Afghan nationals were reported to be living in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and northwestern Balochistan. Most of these refugees were born and raised in Pakistan in the last 30 years and the Government of Pakistan has provided them legal permission to remain in the country indefinitely. The ancestors of these Pakistan-born Afghan refugees came to Pakistan as refugees during the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan. Since then all these refugees are proving a huge financial burden on Pakistan’s economy but Pakistan never asked them to go back to Afghanistan because Pakistan knows it very well that these refugees will have to face a hell of problems in Afghanistan if they are forced to go back. But in response to all these kind favours the Afghan government is providing ample breathing space to the intelligence agencies hostile to Pakistan. The RAW seems the most loved one to the Afghan rulers because they are providing it all possible support for the accomplishment of its nefarious designs of spreading instability and promoting terrorism in Pakistan. As the date of so-called return of the US forces from Afghanistan is coming close, the situation calls for a more sensible behaviour from the Afghan government. The situation would become agonizingly painful if the Afghan government does not review its state of affairs with Pakistan and does not stop this one-sided war of blames and allegations against its closest neighbouring Muslim country Pakistan and if it does not stop playing in the hands of the countries hostile to Pakistan. Afghanistan must try to learn how to differentiate and distinguish between friends and foes. Unsubstantiated accusations and baseless blames would simply widen the gaps between these two Islamic countries.


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