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Qurbani animals’ online sale, purchase yet to take momentum

Islamabad: The online sale and purchase of sacrificial animals is yet to take boom due to price hike and least interest of online buyers and purchasers.

Some of the businessmen have been providing online services on different websites to facilitate people at their doorstep.

Muhammad Rafiq, a businessman said that online animal business would take some time to get momentum. It is just the start as people are getting information gradually about the business.

He said that it was good to purchase the animals online to avoid hardships of the animal market. He said that very few people are aware of the opportunity.

A buyer of sacrificial animal, Zahid Hameed said that he does not believe in online animal purchase and he would prefer to personally visit the market and select the animal on his own.

It is observed in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi people have started purchasing animals as Eid is approaching fast. Eid provides a profitable business opportunity for farm owners as they are able to tap the large market of buyers.—APP

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