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American guerrilla war in Pakistan

Dr Jassim Taqui

More surprises are unveiling about the real story of deteriorating ties between Pakistan and the United States. The issue is not confined to US spy Raymond Allen Davis or Geronimo Operation. It is much bigger. For several years, the American special troops or the so-called Joint Special Operation Command (JSOC) were combining with the infamous American mercenaries Blackwater disguised as security personnel to protect the American interests in Pakistan in target assassination of high value targets and sensitive places inside Pakistan. Former President Gen. Pervez Musharraf permitted these troops in a classified agreement, which remains a mystery.

JSCO and Blackwater are accused of genocide and crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are also accused of assassination of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik Al-Hariri as per the report by the American journalist Seymour Hersh. Both are linked with CIA and also with the drone operations. They supervise a local spy network, which conduct surveillance of military and sensitive locations in various parts of Pakistan which land at CIA headquarters.

Having failed to coerce Pakistan to follow its line, the Obama administration has started a very serious course of action. Now, the administration is recruiting mercenaries and retired military personnel to conduct guerilla war inside Pakistan. JSOC, Blackwater and mercenaries would be stationed in Afghanistan. They would cross the Durand Line in cross border operations in Pakistan. The target areas are FATA, KPK and Baluchistan.

It is learnt that the US trainers stationed in Pakistan were monitored and found involved in illegal operations that aimed at acquainting themselves with the Pakistani terrain in FATA, KPH and Baluchistan. Hence the COAS ordered their expulsion from Pakistan and decided on 9th June to reject US military aid.

The guerilla war inside Pakistan was devised by Gen. David Petraeus when he was commanding the US troops in Afghanistan in collaboration with the former CIA chief Leon Panetta. Now Panetta is in charge of pentagon while David Petraeus is heading the CIA.

Therefore, the duo combination is maintained even with the change of portfolios of two very sensitive institutions, which are manipulated by the US ruling elites to serve their vested interests. The US next operation against Pakistan is too serious and warrants the continuation of the brains behind dumping Pakistan.

The American economy is in shambles. American debts stand today at $ 14.3 trillion. The Democrats and the Republicans have so far failed to find a compromise on debt ceiling, which means that the United States would default in August next. This is one strong reason behind slashing $800 million in military aid to Pakistan. Most probably the US aid to civilian government would be slashed also since the Prime Minister expressed full support to the armed forces of Pakistan.

The lack of funds is also the reason behind pullout of US troops from Afghanistan. About 99000 American troops along with US mercenaries cost the American people $ 2 billion a day in a senseless war. However, guerrilla war is relatively cheaper especially when it is conducted by mercenaries and retired military personnel and implemented with CIA money and its drones. Courtesy: Pakistan Observer

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