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ISLAMABAD: Fake consultants dupe citizens seeking visa

By Ali Hassan

In order to earn fistful amount of money to live a better and save future, citizens of Pakistan striving for their better future and earnings ultimately fall prey to traps of unscrupulous agents and earn a bad name to themselves and their country.

According to Daily Times findings in Islamabad District Court 25 cases were registered against the persons who were allegedly involved in submitting fake document to go abroad for study/visit.

A First Information Report (FIR) vide no118/11 was registered against Muhammad Irfan, on the complaint of British High Commission (BHC), Islamabad. The accused submitted a visa application with BHC on October 15, 2009. During processing it was found that the income tax certificate is fake. FIA arrested Irfan on May 27, 2011 and found that the particular NTN certificate submitted along with the visa application is fake.

Another FIR vide 01/11 was registered against Muhammad Ali on the complaint of Italian Embassy. Muhammad Ali submitted an application of visa with work permit with Italy Embassy in year 2010. During visa process it was turned out that the work permit was fake thus the embassy officials refer Ali’s documents to FIA for further investigation and it found that work permit fake. It was found that the other documents were also fake. FIA arrested the accused on April 8, 2011.

In the row not only boys but also girls are involved in submitting fake documents for visa purposes. Ayesha Rafiq, submitted a fake MBA degree issued by a local university with UAE embassy. An FIR was registered against her on suspicion of fake documents. Three other females namely Hajira Ahmed (FIR no 06/07), Aiman Manzoor (FIR no 27/05) and Mahira Batool (FIR no18/04) were also involved in submitting fake documents for visa purposes.

Another alleged person Sajjad Haider submitted fake study visa documents with BHC, Islamabad. During visa process it was found that the documents were fake. The high commission officials refer Haider’s documents to FIA that after interrogation found that the documents were fake. FIA registered an FIR vide 42/05 and arrested the alleged person.

Another alleged fake visa applicant Haider Abbas submitted fake education transcripts with BHC, Islamabad and was arrested by FIA.

Besides many other cases are registered against fake visa applicants on complaints of different embassies. The charges against them are being investigated under sections 420/468/471/109 of Pakistan Penal Code.

According to sources, it was revealed that the FIA arrests and interrogate the fake visa applicants but the fake visa consultants/agents are free to plunder the innocent people. It was also disclosed that many fake agents have links with influential people and they trap and offer the fake documents to visa applicants. In many cases it was found that the visa applicants didn’t prepare or submit fake documents but the agents managed them at their own. On scrutiny, when some forged or bogus documents are found, the embassy refers the case to FIA. The FIA starts probing the matter from the visa applicant and do not expand the investigation to nab the real culprits (fake visa consultants/agents).

According to FIA official, the agents are charging huge money from the visa applicant who does not fulfill the criteria. Current rates for sending someone to the United States and Canada are between Rs1.5 to Rs 2.0 million. Rates for Europe and Australia are Rs.1.0 to Rs.1.5million. Human traffickers charge Rs 100,000 to Rs 250,000 for preparation of fake documents/work permits and visas to different countries. Member Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Col (r) Syed Tahir Hussain Mashhadi while told Daily Times that trend to go abroad was increasing in country. He said though wrong means were being adopted by visa applicants and visa agents/consultants that ultimately bore a bad name for country. He said that all efforts were being made to hold the culprits involved in these types of illegal activities. He said that this issue would be discussed in the next committee meeting of foreign affairs as it was disrespecting the name of our country.

Source: Daily Times

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  1. i want to tell you about a fake agent which is not registered and make froud of 4 lacks with me plz help me and he stammped his visa of holland … i am too much worry he plays with my feature

  2. Please publish the names of registered and credible agents names with complete criteria, in case of fake consultants they just destruct the innocent applicants. They just to get the money if they are not registered they should be handed over to FIA for necessary investigation that they be not played with the desires of innocent desires.

    Azmat Yousufzai

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