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Pakistani makes kinetic-based engine

Breaking new ground in the field of energy, a Pakistani has made an engine that runs on kinetic energy, Khawar, a physicist, told while addressing a press conference on Saturday.
Shedding light on kinetic energy, Khawar said there are always two types of known motions, rotation and straight-line motion.
“Motion is an event happening while changing a specific mechanical wheel’s displacement into rotation,” he added.
He said that every spin even intrinsic spin is relative in nature, which is due to electro- magnetic force—however in mechanics it is collision state of mechanical parts performed by specific shaped parts.
“Physical state is considered as barrier before and after conversation of energy, the moment when two things strike each other and potential energy builds up to maximum, collision state ends by displacement of bodies’ energy drains in to kinetic energy,” he said.
He said that in specific interaction between specific mechanicals there is a limited period of motion, which keeps all the properties of collision state.
At a meting point between two mechanical bodies it travels from one point to another it becomes displacement of one thing to another as both things remain in collision state through this displacement so mechanical potential energy remains constant between these bodies and in same way out put mechanical kinetic energy is generated constantly, he said.
Khawar explained this event as regeneration of mechanical potential through displacement in collision state adding that it seems strange however it is not against scientific norms and practical has proved it and in fact it is change of format of motion when a thing is perused with force in this system it rotates on its place.
He said that work of one thing on another diverts body tangentially from every circumference point in rotation as interaction way and mechanical shape is specific to insure this move so the move will be termed as mechanical.

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