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Indus Motor Company unveils new 2011 Corolla Altis, GLI automatic

Indus Motor Company (IMC) unveiled the new 2011 Corolla Altis and GLi AT. For the first time in Pakistan, Toyota Corolla Altis has been introduced with a Dual VVTI engine with an Eco-Meter, which allows its driver to monitor the fuel economy while enjoying the enhanced power and efficiency of a Dual VVTI engine. The drive train is equipped with a new 6-speed manual transmission and automatic variants are equipped with a 4 speed automatic transmission. In a statement by IMC, the new price of Altis MT and Altis MT (Sun roof) will be Rs 17,19,000 and 18,09,000, while Altis AT and Altis AT (Sun roof) will be Rs 18,09,000 and Rs 18,99,000 respectively. IMC has also introduced GLi with an AT transmission keeping in view the long standing demand from its customers. GLi AT is also equipped with Dual VVTI engine with Eco lamp and comes with a 4-Speed Super ECT automatic transmission. GLI AT is priced at Rs 16, 79,000.

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