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Musharraf: India creating ‘anti-Pak’ Afghanistan

New York—Former President Pervez Musharraf said on Tuesday that India was trying to create a hostile state in Afghanistan as he hit back at criticism of his country’s role in fighting extremists.

Musharraf, who is touring the United States as part of a comeback bid, said he has seen photographs of Kabul-based “Pakistan terrorists” a likely reference to Balochistan separatists meeting in India with intelligence agents.

“If I’m allowed to be very, very frank, India’s role in Afghanistan is to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan,” Musharraf said at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“This is very clear to me. There are consulates in Kandahar and Jalalabad (which) are actually involved in creating trouble in Pakistan. They have no other role,” Musharraf said.

“Why wouldn’t the consulates be somewhere in the north facing Uzbekistan and Tajikistan?” he asked.

India has consulates in the southern cities of Kandahar and Jalalabad but also in Mazar-i-Sharif in the north and Herat in the west.

Musharraf bristled at criticism that Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders including perhaps Osama bin Laden have been able to escape US-led forces in Afghanistan by crossing into safe havens in Pakistan’s lawless border areas.

“Pakistan is trying its best. Why is the responsibility only on Pakistan?” Musharraf said. “Why is the responsibility of their coming into Pakistan not the fault of Afghan forces and US forces and coalition forces?”

“It should be shared at least 50-50 we are at fault, you are also at fault,” he said.—AP

2 thoughts on “Musharraf: India creating ‘anti-Pak’ Afghanistan”

  1. Taliban destroyed 40 Containers carrying Supplies to NATO Forces in Afghanistan.

    Many Pakistanis will feel joy at such a news story and some will be indifferent. But the news have great repercussions for Pakistani nation and the masses and it is the duty of the intellectuals, political leaders, Media, and social leaders to discuss the consequences.
    The news deserves analysis and all those people who feel joy or those who are indifferent must act in the national interest.

    Afghan war is being fought since last 10 years and Taliban have always targeted the supply line of NATO forces. In Military operations planning supply line holds immense importance and no Military Operation can be conducted with out secure supply line.
    If we look in isolation the acts could be hailed as a great success of Taliban because those commanders are slowly destroying the Supply line and thus with insecure supply line the NATO forces will be defeated and not be able to conduct their operations.

    But when we analyze the situation in context of the region we come to know that if the Pakistan Taliban will completely destroy or disturb the supply line NATO Forces have alternative supply line from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Air Corridor.
    As NATO Forces have alternative supply options so destroying the containers will not have any affect on the NATO operations.
    If some body thinks differently I will always welcome the comments.

    Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan Oil Products cost less to NATO Forces than Pakistani.

    Slowly more and more supplies are arranged through Northern Corridor (Through Central Asian Countries) and thus importance of Pakistan and the benefits to Millions of Pakistanis are being lost progressively.

    Millions of Jobs are dependent on the NATO supply line which is being lost slowly.
    Pakistani Exports are being hampered because of threat to supplies.
    Transport Cost from Pakistan to Afghanistan has increased and previously a Truck of 25 Tons cargo was charging 80,000 Rupees from Peshawar to Tajikistan/Uzbekistan Border are now charging 275,000 Rupees.
    Central Asian and Afghan Importers are looking for secure supply sources than Pakistan.
    Pakistani Cement was dominating the Central Asian markets but now because of increase in Transport cost Cement from Iran, Uzbekistan is becoming more feasible.

    In the northern corridor Uzbekistan is the main hub.
    Uzbekistan has always treated Pakistan as a Foe and has always worked against Pakistan dominance in Central Asia.
    Uzbekistan government has closely co operated with India, Iran and USA to counter the Pakistan efforts in Afghanistan.
    Uzbekistan Security forces have always treated Pakistan’s ISI, as the biggest threat , and have specially targeted the Pakistani citizens and have recruited through pressures many Pakistani Citizens to work as informers.

    Afghanistan has become the biggest export market of Pakistan and 2011 exports are expected to be more than 3 Billion USD.
    Millions of Jobs are being created in Pakistan because of Afghan exports and Pakistan is getting foreign Currency.
    What India can do to counter the progress of Pakistan in Afghanistan?
    Destroy and create hurdles in supply line.
    Make the transport cost high so that India may be able to compete with Pakistani Products and neutralize the advantage of Pakistan in the form of low Transportation cost.
    Decrease the dependence of NATO forces on Pakistan so that they may not agree to Pakistani role in Afghanistan.
    Create an impression in the world that Pakistan is not a stable country and its armed forces are unable to combat the increasing threat of Taliban.

    According to some estimates, more than 4000 Uzbeks, Tajiks, Chechens are fighting against Pakistani forces in Tribal belt.

    My questions are:
    I feel confident that Uzbekistan SnB (Uzbekistan Intelligence Agency), is conducting those operations in co operation with RAW of India.
    Only beneficiary of those acts are either Uzbekistan, or India.
    If you would be a General in Uzbekistan Forces or Indian forces would not you be conducting such operations?
    Can those Pakistanis feeling Joy or being indifferent to the news explain to me the reasons for their Joy or Indifference when those acts cause a direct negative affect on the future of their nation.

    I invite all the SHAHEENS of Iqbal, The deserving sons of Pakistan the workers of APML to read the above article critically and would request their opinion.
    I also invite the intellectuals, people related with Media to discuss the above article critically.
    But I also request the Idiots (I mean the supporters of Goof Sharif, PMLN) not to read this article.

  2. Yes President Musharaf is the only leader of Pakistan who even while in Opposition has always defended the genuine interests of Pakistan at all international Forums. India has only out side India Military bases in Tajikistan and That is also Pakistan specific. Thank you President Musharaf and thank you the Great Shaheen of Pakistan

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