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Sixteen Years Ago-Bushra Zulfiqar

16th October 2010

Sixteen years ago

Sixteen long years ago

Tonight was the cruel night

Which witnessed the death of a legend

It saw the diming out of lights from the light house of life itself

The big, beautiful & full house screamed

For its owner to return & let his shadow fall on each of the walls & corners

It begged him to walk his usual steps on that floor

On that stair case & take his regular night walk on the long terrace

The dogs cried & howled for their master

They looked shocked with eyes ablaze and faces down in mourning

The never quite pets were deadly silent, searching & questioning each other about him

The servants mourned their sahib, to realize that the ever so kind sahib was gone

They grieved not setting up his table again, not ironing his earthy brown uniform till it became crisp, not seeing him game golf & hear him laugh loud with his green tea

This night witnessed a lot, it lived through too much

It saw 5 minors scream, cry & shout not wanting to believe what their eyes saw & ears heard

Not willing to let go of the world’s most loving father, not then not today

The father who knew nothing but unconditional love, who emphasized values & table manners

Discipline yet compassion & demonstrated to them the greatness in the art of giving

Who loved them enough to let go of them

Holding on to the memory of their Daddy they still live & have grown up

Grown up to be 4 young women & a gentleman of great admiration & exponential appreciation

Who would do any parent proud, truly but that night saw them loose their father

That night also witnessed the going away of a beloved husband

The ever so understanding companion, who was peace & love

And who lived for his family with never falling commitment, never falling

Who protected his wife from the complexities of life, relationships, money & materialism

But could not protect her from the reality of his own death

Could not lessen her suffering & struggle of being a single mother

And the best brother too was gone

The one who loved his youngest brother more than his own beloved daughters & son

Who would give anything in the world, whole wide world

To make his brother happy, just happy, like a never ending ocean of love

The two brothers lived for each other, bonded in the most strong, in-explainable form of love

But this night witnessed death break that bond & pull apart the two brothers

Two beings but one soul

Till today, the younger one has become a living testament, a replica of his lost brother

And to this day, he has never recovered

Sixteen years ago….this night witnessed everything

Sixteen long years ago!

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    There are currently a number of Pakistani Ambassadors that are near completing their tenure, including Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Omer Khan Ali Sherzai and Ambassador to Syria Ammen-ul-Raisani.
    Higher authorities of Ministry of Foreign Affairs were planning reshuffling and replacements of Ambassadors. According to a source, some of the politically appointed Ambassadors were likely to secure extension while others were trying to get station of their choice.
    Among them, Ameen-ul-Raisani, who enjoys good relations with President Asif Ali Zardari, is likely to be appointed as Pakistan’s Ambassador in UAE. Following the news of Ameen-ul-Raisani being named as news Ambassador to UAE, a wave of fear has been spread among teaching staff of as many as eight Pakistani schools being run under Embassy of Pakistan in the UAE.
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    Interestingly, Raisani will be taking over the post after the current ambassador, who is a former Nazim of Larkana, vacates the post to attend to flood relief activities in his city, said the sources.
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    Utterly alarmed, career diplomats are said to believe that the “politicisation of bureaucracy” has taken a toll on its efficiency. The junior career officers once given chances, performed wonders in African and Asian countries, but the political ambassadors when landed in the country started losing every gain.
    According to inside sources, mid-level diplomats have established a committee to collect donations from colleagues to help pay attorney’s fees to prepare its case before the political ambassadors get extensions. It has been further learned from email communications that response from officers of the cadre abroad has been overwhelmingly positive.
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