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Solar water pumps to irrigate crops in Pakistan

MULTAN: A Lahore-based company has started manufacturing solar water pumps with a two-inch diameter water outlet which the company claims is capable of irrigating upto 10 acre crops.

National Engineering’s senior technical manager Sharafat Ali told that alternative energy resources were becoming more relevant by each passing day amid power shortages and the high cost involved. The solar water pump with a two-inch delivery diameter can pump 100,000 liter water out of the ground a day.

Two models including centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump have been introduced each carrying a price tag ranging between Rs 700,000 and Rs 800,000. The price is the trouble that will keep this otherwise cost-effective facility away from ordinary growers, commented an observer Shahid Munawar.

A grower Rai Hassan Mehmood who owns agriculture land in Jhang said that the price was beyond the reach of small growers. However, the company official said that banks including NBP, Askari Bank, Faysal Bank and Soneri Bank could provide financing facility to growers. Moreover, there will be no electricity bill and no cost on diesel for growers after one-time investment. The water pump can lift water from a maximum depth of 150 feet. The company offers five-year free service, a 25-year warranty for the solar panel and two-year for the motor.

The facility is most suitable for sunny but loadshedding-hit areas including Layyah, DG Khan, Rajanpur, Rojhan, Multan, areas in Sindh and others, Sharafat said. The pump has been installed at three places including Layyah Sugar Mills, another place in Layyah and at a fish farm in Lahore. Sharafat disclosed that after the launch of the two-inch delivery solar pump in July last, another four-inch diameter solar water pump had also successfully passed the trial and the company would install it at Thal Industries in Muzaffargarh on Monday, Oct 11.

Enhancing the diameter by two inches has increased its capacity to deliver water six times the capacity of the two-inch diameter delivery pump which means it can deliver 600,000 liter water a day, Sharafat said. Furious floods, in addition to devastating agriculture land, also affected the company’s work to install pumps but it has resumed operation to provide the facility to farmers.


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  2. It is great to see how water pump technology is spreading around the world and providing much needed assistance to those who need it. Farmers across the world have plenty to gain by adopting solar pump technology.

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