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Many ex-Nazims in touch with Musharraf

A large number of former district nazims have started approaching former president General (R) Pervez Musharraf, who is set to formally jump into the political arena next month, it was reliably learnt here on Sunday.
“Over 70 former district nazims are in contact with the former president and will attend an important meeting of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) in London next month,” a reliable source told The News, requesting anonymity.
When contacted, Chaudhry Fawad advocate, adviser to Musharraf on political affairs and his counsel in court cases, confirmed that many former district nazims are in touch with the former president.
He said that they would, however, not disclose the names of the former district nazims, who are in contact with Musharraf, because of some political reasons. “These nazims will meet the former president and attend an important meeting of the APML in London early next month to formally join the party,” Chaudhry Fawad said.
“Since majority of the former nazims who are going to join the Musharraf-led party belong to Punjab, their names are not being disclosed keeping in view the volatile political situation in the country,” he added.
Chaudhry Fawad said that General (R) Musharraf is in touch with the leadership of economically strong countries of the world with regard to the provision of relief to and rehabilitation of the flood-affected people of Pakistan.
He said that in this context, King Abdullah of Jordan would meet Musharraf in London this week. According to the source, a good number of retired military officers, including former military aides of General (R) Musharraf, would meet the former president in London next month and announce their joining to the APML. He said that a large number of businessmen are also going to meet the former president in London in the last week of this month to assure him of their support.

Source: The News

2 thoughts on “Many ex-Nazims in touch with Musharraf”

  1. Haroon Choudhry Pakistani nation had the following complaints against President Musharaf + Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz

    Karachi Stock exchange scandal
    Pakistan Steel Mill
    Killing of Akber Bugti
    Lal Masjid
    Increase in Wheat Flour Prices
    He takes commands from USA
    Dismissal of Political Justice Iftikhar.

    Stock Exchange: In March 2005 Stock market started dropping from 10300 and by may 2005 had touched 6500 App. The case was blamed on Shaukat Aziz. But on whom people would put the blame now. In President Musharaf Time the Market reached 15730 and Today it is 9548. Shaukat Aziz is not here. Who would take the blame for the flight of 36 Billion USD from the KSE?
    Those people should answer who were against President Musharaf. They should answer to their children. Why they have made them poor by 50%. Their children deserve the answer.

    Steel Mill:
    Two years losses of Steel Mill are more than 52 Billion Rupees. Why Political Justice Iftikhara and all the barking lobby has not sold Steel mill for Billions of USD and who will pay to every Child the money which that child has spent to support a project which is filling the pockets of many like General Qayum. Can some body guarantee the sale of steel mill at higher price than ot was being sold at President Musharaf’s Time?

    Killing of Akber Bugti
    A nation has some duties and some rights. First Civic duty of every national is to obey the law. There are some decisions which are taken in the greater interest of the nation. No body wanted to kill Akbar Bugti but what you would do when a warlord and his Havaris start shooting at you. Thousands are being killed but killing on Akber Bugti has opened opportunities to thousands. Just visit the coal mines of Marri Area and see how more than fifty thousand people are getting employment and feeding their children. But during Akber Bugti times those mines were closed. Though death could be regrettable but it has resulted in to happiness of thousands and prosperity of Pakistan.

    Lal masjid:
    Recently one Pakistani boy was killed in Kyrgyzstan and whole Pakistani nation was sitting on TVs and waiting for good news from Kyrgyzstan. What we think the reaction will be in China when those Gundas and Gundis of Lal masjid kidnapped Chinese nationals?
    Are Chinese not human beings? They do not have mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters?
    What those Chinese people would expect from the government? Was not President Musharaf Government being criticized in local media for not taking action. Was not Ejaz Ul Haq assigned the responsibility of negotiation for months, Was not Imam E kaaba was called for help? But our emotional nation has bad memories. One indication of PAGALPAN is that people start having poor memory. Who Killed Col Haroon? Was not he the son and husband of a family.
    If tomorrow some Mullah will take money from India and misguide 100 girls in the name of Quran and take hostage the city of Islamabad What government will have to do?
    Such Gundas and Gundis should be hanged thousand times.

    Wheat Prices:
    When in 2007 wheat crop was arriving the newspapers were printing news of bumper crop. Pakistan was expected to export more than 2 million tons. The Prices took a jump in the international market and reached 600 USD from 200 USD. The reason was because of increase in Oil prices it became feasible to make bio diesel from wheat.
    I remember Kulsoom Nawaz one statement when she said that if we will be elected we will provide Wheat flour for Rupees 10 per KG. But now the Flour is 35 Rupees. Shaukat Aziz is not here. Who is now making Money? May be Kulsoom?

    Mushraf takes Instructions From USA
    In President Musharaf’s Time there were only 3 Drone attacks. Now every day. Now Democracy has come, Elected mebers of the Public are ruling. Why they are now taking command from USA?
    On the contrary in International Media one complaint against President Musharaf is that he was using American aid for making Army stronger. Now Goof Sharif speaks when American’s allow him and Zardari also does when Americans allow him. Americans understand that nation is a MOB and use Goof Sharif and Zardari against each other. Why nation is not barking?


    I was recently in Pakistan and was surprised to see that every thing was being given to the poor free, There were more givers and less takers. Shop keepers were offering there products for free. I asked one person, What has happened? He replied now Democracy has come, Musharaf has gone so the nation is benefitting from the Virtues of democracy and is being bleesed by GOD because Musharaf, The Dictator has Gone.

    Political Chief Justice:

    Then I asked him how now the courts are working? He said Judges have stopped taking Bribe. Now judges are knocking at the doors of petitioners and providing them Justice at their Homes.

    Naturally I feel happy that Musharaf has left and my nation is having the best times.

    But I can not understand few things:

    During President Musharaf Times USD was valued at App. 60 Rupees. Now I buy it for 86 Rupees. That means I have become 45% Poor and each Citizen of Pakistan has become poor by 45%
    I see Load Shedding, I see that Lahore Ring Road was being completed and now Punjab Government does not have the money. President Musharaf I remember while inaugurating the Loari Tunnel was saying that we have allot of Money just suggest the project . But now Punjab is bank rupt and Pakistan is again Taking Dictation from IMF.


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