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FIA’s cyber crime circle arrests 5 hackers

By Shakeel Anjum

ISLAMABAD: The cyber crime circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in a crackdown against website hackers arrested five hackers active in various areas of the country including Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

According to the FIA sources, the operation was conducted on receiving complaints from the national and multi-national organizations regarding hacking of their websites. Taking notice of increasing number of websites hacking cases, Director Cyber Crimes in FIA Shahid Nadeem Baloch constituted a team under the supervision of Additional Director Muhammad Idrees Mian. Sub-Inspector of Police Station Cyber Crime Circle Rawalpindi/Islamabad Muhammad Raza with the help of technical officers Aun Abbas and Amjad Abbasi unearthed notorious hackers’ group namely ‘Pakbugs’ and arrested five hackers belonging to the group from various parts of the country while taking the computers and other related equipment involved in various cyber crimes into possession.

The group is involved in hacking/defacing thousands of websites.

The hackers are identified as Jawaad Ehsan alias Humza, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, still at large Nick Name: ZombiE_KsA Membership: Pakbugs (Founder) Total Defacements: 169 of which 69 single ip and 100 mass defacements Ahmad Hafeez, arrested from Lahore Nick Name: Virgil Membership: Pakbugs (as moderator), Pakhaxorz (as moderator) Total Defacements: 480 of which 157 single ip and 323 mass defacements Hassan Khan, arrested from Peshawar Nick Name: x00mx00m Membership: Pakbugs (Co-founder) Total Defacements: 8697 of which 646 single ip and 8051 mass defacements Farman Ullah Khan, arrested from Bannu Nick Name: Farman Membership: Pakbugs (as VIP-member) Defacements details could not be retrieved.

Malik Hammad Khalid, arrested from Rawalpindi Nick Name: inject0r Membership: Pakbugs (as super moderator) Total Defacements: 134 of which 82 single ip and 52 mass defacements Taimoor Zafar Bhatti, arrested from Rawalpindi Nick Name: h4v0c- Membership: Pakbugs (as super-moderator) Total Defacements: 105 of which 36 single ip and 69 mass defacements FIA Cyber Crimes Department have also identified hackers with nick-names BiG Smoke, Cyber-Criminal, spo0feR and [a], who have committed a large number of cyber crimes.

These individuals have expertise of Linux, SQL Injection, Trojan Horses, Phishing, Rooting, Access to various servers, Botnets, PHP Scripts, Stealers, ASP scripts (self writing), JSP scripts (self writing), Key loggers and Credit Cards Jacking and usage of stolen Credit Cards.

Courtesy: The News

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