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Pakistan’s liquid foreign reserves position

The total foreign reserves held by the country stood at $15,048.2 million on 10th

April, 2010. The break-up of the foreign reserves position is as under:

(1) Foreign reserves held by the State Bank of Pakistan: $11,154.8   million

(2) Net foreign reserves held by banks (other than SBP):          $3,893.4   million

(3) Total liquid foreign reserves:     $15,048.2 million

Statement of affairs of the State Bank of Pakistan

(w/e 10th April, 2010)

Loans and advances to scheduled banks:

(a) Agriculture sector Rs. 56,231,953,000

(b) Industrial sector  Rs. 42,820,507,000            

(c) Export sector      Rs. 194,145,382,000

(d) Housing sector    Rs.   –

(e) Others     Rs. 13,865,425,000

Loans and advances to non-bank financial institutions:

(a) Agriculture sector Rs.   –

(b) Industrial sector  Rs. 1,532,214,000

(c) Export sector      Rs   –

(d) Housing sector    Rs. 11,242,300,000

(e) Others     Rs.   –


(a) Scheduled banks  Rs. 15,565,927,000

(b) Non-bank financial institutions   Rs. 4,748,916,000              

(c) Government securities    Rs. 641,998,288,000

(d) Others     Rs. 1,070,763,000

Source: State Bank of Pakistan press release as on 15th April, 2010

SBP Statement 

Source: The News

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