Dec 012016

Following is historical chart of inter bank exchange rates starting from January-2000. Open market rates slightly differ from inter bank rates.

14.1613.97UAE Dirham3-January-2000
14.2014.00UAE Dirham1-June-2000
14.2014.00UAE Dirham3-January-2001
17.3917.25UAE Dirham1-June-2001
16.4716.33UAE Dirham3-January-2002
16.4716.33UAE Dirham1-June-2002
15.9015.85UAE Dirham3-January-2003
15.7615.70UAE Dirham3-June-2003
15.6715.62UAE Dirham3-January-2004
15.7515.70UAE Dirham3-June-2004
16.2316.17UAE Dirham3-January-2005
16.2816.23UAE Dirham3-June-2005
16.3016.25UAE Dirham3-January-2006
16.4216.36UAE Dirham3-June-2006
16.6016.55UAE Dirham4-January-2007
16.5616.51UAE Dirham4-June-2007
16.8716.82UAE Dirham3-January-2008
18.2118.16UAE Dirham3-June-2008
21.4821.43UAE Dirham3-January-2009
22.0622.00UAE Dirham3-June-2009
23.0122.95UAE Dirham4-January-2010
23.2823.22UAE Dirham4-June-2010
23.3323.28UAE Dirham3-January-2011
23.4023.35UAE Dirham3-June-2011
24.4524.39UAE Dirham3-January-2012
25.4325.38UAE Dirham4-June-2012
26.4626.41UAE Dirham3-January-2013
26.7826.72UAE Dirham3-June-2013
28.6428.59UAE Dirham3-January-2014
26.8226.76UAE Dirham3-June-2014
27.3327.28UAE Dirham2-January-2015
27.7227.66UAE Dirham3-June-2015
28.5128.45UAE Dirham4-January-2016
28.4828.42UAE Dirham4-June-2016
28.4228.37UAE Dirham3-January-2017
28.5128.45UAE Dirham1-June-2017
30.0830.03UAE Dirham2-February-2018
UAE Dirham4-June-2018
Jan 202009

KARACHI: The national currency lost heavily against the dollar in the inter-bank market, dealers said on Monday.

The American currency commenced the day’s trading at Rs 79.30 for buying, witnessed a massive gain and closed at Rs 79.60 for buying and Rs 79.65 for selling. Thus, the local currency recorded a loss of 30 paisas. Continue reading »

Jul 092008

KARACHI (July 09 2008): The rupee slid 2.6 percent on Tuesday to close at a record low in a market worried about high inflation, burgeoning deficits and security. The currency closed at 72.85/90 to the dollar after falling as low as 73.04 rupees, when dealers suspected the central bank intervened to stop the rot. Continue reading »