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Dear friends

Asslam O Alaikum

Current prevailing situation in our beloved country is a matter of concern for all of us, political unrest, energy crises, declining foreign exchange reserves, out flow of investments and above all, alarming increase in violence are posing a real threat to economic and social stability in Pakistan.

Our problems are deep rooted and require a lot of struggle and hardship to overcome. Here I want to start some discussions about the problems our country is facing and how we can help to overcome these problems. I have noticed that many knowledgeable Pakistani friends do visit this site frequently. I would like to take this opportunity to invite them to take part in these discussions and oblige us. I myself am not highly educated and expert Pakistani but I am sure that a lot of visiting friends do have the ability and expertise to participate and share their views with other friends. I can reserve a separate domain for this purpose but let us start from here first.

First of all let us discuss about the role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan, how we can help to bring progress and prosperity in Pakistan.

God bless you all.

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144 thoughts on “Role of overseas Pakistanis in the development of Pakistan

  • Ahmad Randhawa

    Being Ex. SDO in WAPDA, i want to share n get feedback for issue of pakistan only Indus river has de capability 2 generate 80,000 MW if it is properly dammed which is more than four times of running total capacity (less then 18000 MW approx.)may b available capacity is less den 10,000 MW.
    my question is why government always prefer IPPs or rental power houses which will always depend on other countries specially for oil.resultantly electricity price will always hike.
    1. Alternatively hydal electricity is free.
    2 only initial cost required which can be managed from public share or loans.
    i think all other issues r fake regarding people suffering. now all country people r suffering very very much wid no comparison.
    China can build Three George Dam (more than 20,000 MW n a big area dere also suffered) wats de problem wid paki.

    will continue

    Ahmad Randhawa

    • Hassan

      @Ahmad Randhawa,
      My dear friend, yes your right hydro electricity is the cheapest,
      pakistan has more than abandant resources, one can get windmills near the coast where wind is allways abuandunt, so you could have:
      1, wind power for electricity,
      2, you could have solar,
      3, you could have wave power
      4, yes hydro is the cheapest and the best, for pakistan,
      the issue is not hydro, the issue is way above your or my head, or way above the people of pakistan,
      why is that, simple, you have or i should say the greedy politicians, have piled huge debts on the country hence the population of pakistan,
      so what happens simple this is how it works, keep reading you will enjoy this.
      “IMF, or usa or uk, they say you must pay us back , ohh my friends pakistanis you cannot pay why not??? ohh you have no money, ohh well we are nice people i tell you what my brother or cousin or my friend etc has a coal power station you will let him build a power station there and buy electricity from him ok”
      this is how politics work, do you understand now, they want to keep you in debt, so they can control you,
      And i can tell you now if you had the money to pay them now, it still would not work because they would not let you clear the debts, why may you ask, because they want you in debt, thats why,
      any way this was just a taster, its to much information for me to go into it would take to long, i hope you understand a little bit about how it all works,
      “May Allah (swt) guide us all to the true religion of Islam”

  • Kamran Khatti

    i do request the rich overseas pakistani to help a poor pakistani so that i can continue my study, i am doing bachlors in computer sciece but my parent cant afford to pay my annual feea kindly help me and save my future,My postal address is as under kindly send some dollars optimistically thanks.

    Kamran Khatti
    C/o Danish Electronics Quid-e-Azam road
    near OCS office Badin Sindh Pakistan
    Postal code 72200

    • George

      @Kamran Khatti,
      Dont you think you should be directing that question, to your politicians??? or to your corrupt governement officials, police ,patwari, etc, who skim and and bribes?
      They can sit with there airconditioning on, drive in there 30 lack cars, while the poor suffer,

    • John

      @Kamran Khatti,
      you maybe able to continue your studies but how are you affecting or implementing this in your society, ive visited pakistan, even in village areas, its such a mess,
      and its no point blaming the government for all the crap and shit out there, im sure if you village people got together you could clean up your villages etc, or your streets, ive actually seen people in pakistan karachi throw rubbish out of the building , it didnt hit anyone but im sure there have been occasions when it has,
      you should count yourselves lucky your not in somali or sudan, they dont even know if they will eat or get a clean drink of water, there are people who are much worse off,
      What do you think,

  • Ahmad Randhawa

    i m living in ksa.i m sending all de money dat i earn to pakistan. but i often worry ven i see de crisis situation in pakistan. the quidance i require from u is : is it a wise decision 2 send my all money to my lovely homeland where bloody corrupt rulers making it day by day more unstable n all of us waiting for its extreme .

    • Javed

      @Ahmad Randhawa,

      Ahmad, you are living in Holy land. Can you honestly and with real honesty say that there is no corruption in Saudi Arabia about which you you shy about in Pakistan. A full load of passengers were looted recently travelling to Holy Macca for performing Haj. When this happens in Pakistan people cry there is law and order in Pakistan. Are drugs not sold in Saudi Arabia. Is Police not corrupt mostly finding faults in expatriates only. Are employees/Arabs paying salary to their employees honestly in Mecca or Madina? Can you honestly say Yes?
      So why blame Pakistan.

      Coming to the point, you have gone there to earn and save. So send and do send as you can easily afford to you family in Pakisstan. Yes I will give you one advice that do not send each penny you earn, send them what easily and for good you can but also retain a little for your own old or rainy days. It is much better if you keep your such personal savings in Pakistan in secure savings. In the greed of much profit do not put your money to much advertised schemes, do not get attracted by putng your money in such schemes. You willbe sorry at the end of day. Rembeber in Pakistan savings in sound schemes are the best and in Pakistan you get higher profits than in San udi Arabia or elsewhere. Pakistan is heaven for people like you and me. Of course Europe or savings in Europens countries is much better for big people whose money is mostly black money earned within nights.

    • Hassan

      @Ahmad Randhawa, I would like to add to that, my brother, corruption is everywhere, even in USA, europe, uk, just it happens here at a higher level and not so much at the low levels,
      but its changing fast even getting into low level councils etc, any way,
      I would advise you to keep some money as javed has pointed out for a rainy day, you maybe the earner but the rest there in your family are likely to think that its your duty, and you may not find any money left when you do get back:
      And the money you do keep i would strongly advise you to buy land if you can and keep it in that, as money devalues over time, where as something solid will gain over time, money today that everyone uses realist terms has no value, but it is traded,
      as an example if the dollar crashed today, there just isnt enough gold owned by the us government to pay every one in gold, like wise its the same case with all the countries including pakistan, i dont want togo into the workings of the corrupt finacial system of the world,
      so i would say is that try to buy some land even if it residetial, commercial or agricultutre, but buy it in pakistan,
      if you had 1000 ruppes 10 years ago, today it still would be 1000 ruppes, but 10 years ago you could have bought more than what you can buy today,
      i now its a impossible task to buy property in pakistan, but if you can get your head around it, buy it there,

      any way all the best Asalam

  • John

    My my my???
    Are you people for real??? ive been saying since 1994 that pakistan will keep getting worse, until only one thing changes, but i do not see that thing changing, know what is that thing???
    Are you people for real??? do you not understand that all the politicians are the same, do you actually understand power??? its not something that can be wealded, does not matter if its zardari, nawaz sharif, or even tony blair or obama, the bottom line is there all the same, so what is the answer, so come on you lot, makes no difference even a over seas pakistani cannot solve the problem,
    First of all, what is democracy do you actaully understand what it is,
    Here is the sceanario one hand there is you lot the politicians, or land lords etc, makes no difference even the poor man on the road, your all experts you all talk about your leader is the best, and that your politics is the best, you now whats good for the people, the wholelot weather over seas or not makes no differnece, the thinking is the same, so for a start stop pointing fingers at each other,
    but ofcourse a many take money in the name off pakistan and leave the whole nation in debt, than they raise taxes and everbody suffers, hmm, why well dont worry its happening everywhere, even in the uk,
    As for money transfers, there is nothing ilegal about moving your money thru a private person as he is giving you a better rate, its your money you earend it, you should not have to move it how they tell you, (ill come back to this piont later) if i have time,
    Lets get to what needs to be done , (but i know it will not be done, why do i now that nothing will be done??? easy and simple, history tells us and shows us thats why i now)
    what is the short answer simple, Islam your religion, you do and act accordingly to your islamic religion, see its easy isnt it,
    But ofcourse nothing will be done why is that, because you have gone away from your religion, the quran says one thing most muslims say another thing, the whole thinking process of a person needs to change, ans that is no easy task,
    A simple example, honestly think about it when was the last time anyone reading this actually thought that “i will do what islam advises me on a problem or even when buying something or selling something”, what does my religion islam say on the subject,
    all your lives up bringing is all european implanted so you dont think what your religion says, with out you knowing your brain washed into western ideology, you call it islamic education but the base is western, you call it islamic schools but the base is western, your democracy ofcourse its western, you want to get married , its cultural indian western mixed, a bit like a curry, (sorry)
    but really look at it, as for the extremists we will call them that, suicide bombings are ilegal even according to islam, weather you kill yourself with a knife or a sword or a bomb, its suicide as your doing it with your hand? (but are these muslims doing it out of there free will??? i mean do they now there doing it, becuase lets face it its preatty easy to take advantage of a person, goes a bit like this “my friend my yar how are you, please give this parcel to my brother in kingdom tutu, he has no idea what in it, maybe rice, maybe drugs, as was the case with a family in saudi, or even worse ” so you see its easy to take advantgae,
    I now for the time being nothing will change, as there is only one way, and that is togo back to the fundamental teaching of islam, to see what the quran says , to do as it tells us, in a manner that the prophet Muhammed (PBUH) did approx 1400 years ago), The prophet was the best example for the muslims, we have the examples and the sayings in the hadith,
    So whats the problem its straight forward is it not, hmmm maybe not, because it means turning 99.99% of what we now on our head about our religion, yes im afraid so, the thinking must change, and by islam i dont mean just learning the quran and memorising it by heart, because :
    1, you dont now what your reading,
    2, worse still your making your own translations of it,
    3, and if you think you can just leave it to the imam of the mosque, no you cannot the imam will not be questioned about you , you will be answerable for your own actions,
    4, so make the effort learn the quran, with the translation, understand the quran with translation, implement it in your daily life,
    5, funny the only time i hear about muslims telling us about islam or bringing it up is when they want 2 wives, ??? is that not true,
    6, you have gone so far that you dont even now the islamic laws regarding many matters, probably 99.99 percent,
    7, maybe we should have the islamic republic of pakistan removed from the passports, its only fair???
    8, accept responsibilty, see whats going on,
    9, see what the quran is, study it, understand it for salvation is within it, any other way it will not work, remember im saying it again just like i said it back years ago,
    10, There is no point blaming the leaders as they come from within the people, the people are like that so the leaders are like that,
    11, “Allah will not send anyone to destroy the muslims, the muslims will destroy them selves by inner fighting”
    “MAY Allah forgive me for if i have said anything not true about ISLAM” and may we all be giuded to the truth, as it is only you who can giude us.M

    • Hassan

      your totally right, and cannot disagree with you there, I inshallah hope and pray that muslims all over the world can go back and study there religion and understand it, and live there lives by it,

      YES may Allah guide us to the true path, that of the rightly guided caliphs and companions of the prophet PBUH

    • Farid

      This is totally right. I have been reading all these comments and I believe the answer is so simple: Islam. Please brothers the answer is Islam Islam Islam. All balochis Sindhis punjabi Pathan have only Islam in common. We talk about our corrupt leaders and point fingers and yes part of the problem is that, but we never look upon our own shortcomings. Do we cheat? At a personnel level. On a exam maybe. There are many fake doctors out in Pakistan who have bought their degrees. Islam forbids cheating. Isnt,t cheating corruption. Do we lie. Is it not corruption. Do we deal interest. Do we back bite. Is it not orruption. How can we be mad at government when we partake in these haram and unlawful acts. No Imran khan or zardari can force you to help you to change or with these basic morales. They dont tell you to stop cheating and if they do, citzens won’t listen. Only Islam can help Pakistan. Because when Islam is implemented 100 percent people will stop.. willingly. And that is when corruption end. we need to go back to basics. Many won’t even realize this but nationalism is haram. Being too proud of being a Pakistani is essentially nationalism. We need to back to history and see that we are one Muslim ummahh. What is Pakistan? it is a country that was build to create a safe haven for MUSLIMS from India. The borders are sewn by Britain. Pakistan is nothing. Before we are Pakistanis, we are Muslims. But there is hope because Muhammad swt said there will be Khalifah! That unites the muslim ummah. IA we will stop worrying about Pakistan and take care of ummah. Islam brothers Islam.

  • Raheem Post author

    I have removed your contact details from the message. To publish such detailed personnel information is very risky, you must be very careful. Sorry to disappoint you but web admin is not in a position to offer you a job. Good luck

  • dua

    ASSALAMOALAKUM, respected sir,i have done my mba in finance from university of sindh
    jamshoro hyderabad.Respected sir I want to join your company so please give me a chance
    to work with your respective organization,no work experience but willing to join…

  • Engr. Shafiq Maitla

    Engr. Shafiq Maitla

    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    Thar Coal Reserves is the major break through for the economy of Pakistan. Thar coal has the potential to pump 25000 Bill US$ in National Economy.The exploitation of these reserves & to cycle black gold into energy will bring a major change in Pakistan. Let us work together day & night t implement this project. Dreams will become true if we are successful to shape this project properly. I am available and keen tojoin hnd to work on this projec.

    Engr. Shafiq Maitla
    Contact Person: Engr. Shafiq Maitla
    Mob. 00966505288680

    • asma maitla

      @Engr. Shafiq Maitla,

      Yes its true that working together as one and uniting is the only way we can take pakistan to the peaks of success and beyond.We need to bring in changes in ourselves first.

    • Haroon

      @Engr. Shafiq Maitla, I think Mr Maitla has sketchy information about the Coal but does not know the details. I can not say I know too Much b ut as much as I am aware that the Coal definitely is huge quantity but the Layer is thin and thus whole Tharparkar will have to be Dug. Second the coal has high Sulfur and ash Contents and Low K/Calorie Ratio. the coal is not Commercially feasible because of which it remains Unexploited. Uzbekistan has also huge coal Reserves in Ahangren but with low K/K ratio and high Sulfur. If pakistani Coal would be Commercially Viable then Millions of tons would not be imported by Cement and other factories from South Africa. I am sure many will now write that It is again the conspiracy of USA or the leaders of pakistan.

      • Usman Ali

        @Haroon, If we go by what you are saying that Pakistani Coal is not commercially viable then I think you donot understand Pkaistan.We didnot even use our own Water to generate electricity is our own water also not commercially viable or our governements donot let these things happen inorder to take commission from international companies.Why being an agricultural country we are not able to fullfill our own needs of things like sugar is it because our sugar cane is not commercially viable or it is because of that mafia which stocks sugar and smuggle it to other countries.The thar coal is not being used only because our leaders are corrupt and dishonest.If they start using our own natural resources,then who will give them heavy commisions.This is the reason why our resources were never exploited and used.

      • asma maitla

        @Haroon, I guess we are not talking about coal or economy of pakistan the main point is unity for the succeess of our sweet home country…”We are the ones we have been waiting for”.(Barak Obama)