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8 thoughts on “dollar-1948-2009”

  1. What are the reasons
    When Pakistan has nothing to export
    $ = Rs.3.3
    As time passed it seems Pakistan developed people got better housing and lodging with a bit industrialization but $ is 48 times stronger
    In 1970 $ = Rs. 4.7 Petrol $ 0.75 / Gallon in US IN Pakistan Rs. 3.00 per Gallon
    In 2019 $ = Rs. 160 petrol $2.6 / Gallon in US in Pakistan Rs. 455 / Gallon

    1. Abdul Qayyum sahib
      Commodity prices are linked to supply and demand in the market Whereas rupee devaluation is the result of out inability to develop our economy, if we earn less and spend more, that is what will happen.Pakistan has become consumer market.We have ailing economy and there are a lot of issues but in comments section cannot go into details.

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