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Pakistan rupee exchange rates 30 May 2019

Rupee value remained stable against all major currencies at close on 30th May 2019. Following are open market exchange rates. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 148.00 148.50 US$ (Open Market) 148.50 149.50 Saudi Riyal 39.00 39.70 UAE Dirham 40.00 40.60 EURO 162.50 166.50 UK Pound 185.00 189.00 Japanese […]

Pakistan rupee appreciation continues 27-28 May 2019

A surge in supply and falling demand pushed dollar in the open market to 149.50 which is 50 paisa less compared to Friday. In the interbank market, the dollar traded at Rs149.60 as compared to Rs-150.90 in the last session on Friday, a decline of Rs-1.30. Main reasons for this […]

Kazakhstan’s Presidential Election: Giant Step towards Political Stability & Economic Sustainability

Dr. Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Presidential Election 2019 campaign is at its peak in Kazakhstan. There are seven candidates from different political parties and organizations are taking part in the upcoming presidential election to be held on June 9, 2019.According to Kazak Central Election Commission, incumbent President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 25 May 2019

Following are the Pakistan rupee exchange on 25th May 2019.Rupee has further strengthened against all major currencies. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 150.75 150.90 US$ (Open Market) 150.00 151.00 Saudi Riyal 39.10 39.70 UAE Dirham 40.20 40.80 EURO 164.00 168.00 UK Pound 187.00 191.00 Japanese Yen 1.33386 1.35386 […]

Rupee exchange rates 23 May 2019

Pakistan rupee has slightly appreciated against all major currencies. Following are closing exchange rates on 23rd May 2019 CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 151.45 151.95 US$ (Open Market) 151.80 152.50 Saudi Riyal 39.80 40.40 UAE Dirham 40.80 41.40 EURO 166.00 169.00 UK Pound 188.50 191.50 Japanese Yen 1.34460 […]

Cycle of borrowing

By Tasneem Noorani THE PTI government is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. When they procrastinated on signing up with the International Monetary Fund, there was unanimous condemnation, and their star finance minister was sent home. Now that they have signed up to the program, there is […]

Pakistan rupee exchange rates 22 May 2019 1

Following are closing exchange rates of Pakistan rupee against major currencies on 22nd May 2019. Rupee is stable with minor adjustments. CURRENCY LOW RATE HIGH RATE US$ (Interbank) 151.90 152.30 US$ (Open Market) 152.00 153.00 Saudi Riyal 40.00 40.60 UAE Dirham 41.00 41.50 EURO 167.50 170.50 UK Pound 190.00 193.50 […]


ALI SUKHANVER The arrest of 13 Chinese men from Lahore is being named as  the ‘hazards of the CPEC’ by some ‘well-wishers’ of Pakistan. These men were arrested on the charges of human trafficking. According to the media details, these men allegedly married Pakistani girls, took them to China and […]