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October 2015



Ali SukhanverOn 14th October 2015, the Congress leader Rita Bahuguna Joshi in a statement alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was carrying forward the agenda of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which is to divide the nation and to seek power. Talking to ANI Joshi said, ‘”It is the double speak of the party. Mr. Modi cannot wash his hands off. This is a Fascist ideology, supported by the BJP and Narendra Modi. He is carrying forward the agenda of RSS. The political agenda of the RSS is to divide the nation and to remain in power and to seek power and I think he is badly exposed.’ All words and actions of Mr. Modi are a proof that he is very much committed to the philosophy followed by the RSS. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh commonly known as the RSS is an organization which claims to struggle for giving India back its lost identity as a Hindu state. The RSS was founded in 1925 as an anti-colonial organization. It promotes a fundamentally different vision that draws on a mix of Hindu legends and ancient Indian history, when the subcontinent was home to some of the world’s most advanced civilizations.Read More »THE RSS IN ACTION


BY Muhammad Javed

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javed f3  Recently retired Chief Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja while going on retirement said that the state institutions should admit they had “not yet succeeded in providing speedy and inexpensive justice to the masses”. Our national problem is that having served for long time “as most obedient servant” of the dictators, only after retirement all our Roead Khans start giving TV lectures every evening on beauty of democracy.  After running the election commission for long time, fully in accordance with the desires of rulers of the time, on retirement our Kunwar Dilshads every evening start advising how the commission should serve truly in accordance with the law.  Who accepted incomplete and illegible photo stats of Degrees from election candidates?  A Kanwar Dilshad.   What practical efforts did Jawwad Khawaja put during his tenure, to ensure “speedy” justice?  Did he remove, for one example, 10-20 years deep-sleeping stay orders from the bank default loan cases for “speedy” delivery of justice?Read More »JUSTICE FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS



Ali SukhanverThe murder-story of Mohammad Akhlaq would never become stale; it would always remain a blob of shame and disgrace on the face of the so-called secular society of India. The people of India are very unfortunate that they mistakenly elected Mr. Modi as their Prime Minister whose identity in politics is nothing but religious extremism. Michael E. Miller of the Washington Post says in a recent article, “The issue of ‘beef ban’ has raged in India for years. Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, however, incidents have increased, as they tend to do whenever a conservative government has been in power. Modi is a Hindu nationalist who, as chief minister of Gujarat state, presided during religious riots in 2002 in which more than 1,000 Read More »EXTREMISM AT WORST