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September 2015


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Ali SukhanverTerrorism is a menace which could engulf the whole world if not timely taken care of. In other words the war against terrorism is not for the betterment of some individual or for the benefit of some particular group, it is for the safer and brighter future of the whole world. Though this war against terrorism was started by America but at present there is no America anywhere in this war; it is only Pakistan facing ever-worst consequences of this American war against terrorism. The people of Pakistan are very much confident that soon they would succeed in defeating the terrorists because they know that Pakistan has the best military skill and talent supported by a vast range of nuclear weapons and above all the Pakistani nation owns undefeatable passions. In the few past years the forces hostile to Pakistan have been trying all Read More »TERRORISTS-CITIZENS OF NO-MAN’S LAND



Ali SukhanverIn civilized societies neighbors are just like brothers but in uncivilized societies the situation is vice-versa. Since after 1965, the ever worst threat to the security and safety of Pakistan has been from its closest neighbor India. It is India which taught Pakistan that safeguarding independence is far difficult and far different from getting independence; and no doubt it is India which revealed upon Pakistan that one must always be careful of one’s neighbors. But there is a ‘credit’ that directly and solely goes to India; the credit of making Pakistan a nuclear power. If India were not so unfriendly and hostile to Pakistan; the resources Pakistan spent on its nuclear assets must have been spent on the projects of health, education and other schemes of public betterment. In other words India has tried its utmost to deprive the Pakistani nation of the better opportunities of Read More »THE BUTCHER IN MY NEIGHBOURHOOD