Monthly Archives: September 2015

Humanity at Stake in Yemen

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Humanity is at stake in Yemen. Houthi militia and rebels are committing horrendous crimes against women. There are engaging in massive brutal atrocities, crimes and violations against women, the weaker section of the Yemeni society. Even basic human rights are the mercy of Houthis. Vulnerable Section […]


ALI SUKHANVER In civilized societies neighbors are just like brothers but in uncivilized societies the situation is vice-versa. Since after 1965, the ever worst threat to the security and safety of Pakistan has been from its closest neighbor India. It is India which taught Pakistan that safeguarding independence is far […]

Uzbekistan: Securing the Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights and Interests

The Republic of Uzbekistan is taking all possible measures to attract more and more Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs), establishment of free economic zones, joint ventures with different countries and interested internal brans and the last but not the least, brighten the chances of transfer of technology. To achieve this goal, […]

Uzbekistan’s Transformation

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Change is obvious. Change is permanent. Change is real. The Republic of Uzbekistan has achieved high rates of economic growth and social development because of its rigorous economic, financial and social reforms. Strategic planning, visionary leadership and its unique economic development model played important part in […]

Incredible Uzbekistan

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan The Republic of Uzbekistan celebrates its 24th National Day on September 2 every year. It has been great socio-economic transformation since its inception. Its economy, politics, projects and the last but not the least governance model has been revolutionized the fate of its people. Mustaqillik bayramingiz […]