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May 2015



Ali SukhanverPunjita Pradhan is a very well known journalist of Nepal. For the last four years she has been continuously in contact with me. A few weeks back when Nepal was passing through the ever worst phase of its life after the disastrous earthquake, I sent a mail to her to express my concern over the situation. In response to my mail, she wrote, ‘Such calamities are not new to us; we have all courage and determination to defeat them; please do pray for us.’ Before sending mail to Punjita Pradhan I was surfing the internet for the latest situation of Nepal after the deadly earthquake disaster when something very shocking rather dreadful revealed upon me. An article on the internet said, ‘The people of Nepal hate their Indian neighbors because Indians take Nepalese to be stupid hill dwellers who are always jealous of the progress Indians have made. Nepalese think of Indians asRead More »INDIAN INTERFERENCE IN NEPAL



Ali Sukhanver It is really very painful for India to see Pakistan and China heading together towards a prosperous and peaceful future. The Pak – China economic corridor has proved a thorn in India’s paw. Most of the analysts are of the opinion that the present wave of terrorism in Pakistan is simply a reaction of Indian disliking over the growing Pak-China relations. It is for the first time in the history of Pakistan that whole of the Pakistani nation has unanimously and no doubt very loudly condemned RAW for its involvement in various terrorist activities in Pakistan. From Chaudhry Nisar Ali the Interior Minister to the Chief of the Army Read More »REALITIES YET NOT ACCEPTED



Ali SukhanverWhy do the so-called human rights organizations in Pakistan try to frame the security forces of Pakistan in the matter of missing persons in Baluchistan? Why do the so-called human rights activists always forget the innocent Punjabis, Sindhis, Pashtuns and even the Balochis whose brutal slaughtering at the hands of the separatists elements has become a routine matter in Baluchistan while talking about the human rights violations in Baluchistan?  It seems that even the whole of the western media is whole-heartedly standing with the so-called separatists who are simply making the life of the people of Baluchistan Read More »WHO VIOLATES HUMAN RIGHTS IN BALUCHISTAN

3-Day annual festival in Chitral

By Nazar-Ul-Islam

kalash-festivalThe three-day Kalash spring festival, Chilam Joshi, launched with usual fervor in the Bumboret Valley on May 13, and was attended by tourists from across Pakistan and abroad despite persistent security threats.

Old and young, men and women, everyone comes together during the festival to thank Goshidai, who is said to watch over the herds and crops during the summer. The first day of Joshi is also known as ‘Milk Day,’ and groups of singing and dancing Kalash go house-to-house, where they are offered libations of milk that has been saved for 10 days before the festival.Read More »3-Day annual festival in Chitral



Ali SukhanverThe pages of history are replete with the examples of those who sacrificed their lives for the sacred prestige and holy honour of their land and religion. The world around us recognizes us through the ideas we express and the philosophies we follow. Our land and our religion are the feeders of our thoughts and actions. And no doubt these two passions are the only basis of all differences and conflicts among the nations. An American would never go against the interests of his country and a Jew would never practice anything harmful to his religion but unfortunately in Pakistan there are a very few brains which feel uplifted by thinking like those who are neither Pakistani and nor the Muslims. Such innocent people are misguided by a misconception that thinking like Americans makes them American. Such people never understand that by speaking in the interest of the anti-Pakistan elements, they are simply ranked as a tool in the hands of enemies of Pakistan. Certainly some people would ask how they could identify and recognize such robots; the answer is very simple; they are those who always oppose all that is in the benefit and interest of their nation and their religion. Misguided by their pseudo-intellectualism and by their so-called outspokenness and their self assumed bluntness, they criticize all that possibly may go in favour of their country.Read More »THE CENTER OF GRAVITY FOR THE MUSLIMS