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Ali SukhanverThe pages of history are replete with the examples of those who sacrificed their lives for the sacred prestige and holy honour of their land and religion. The world around us recognizes us through the ideas we express and the philosophies we follow. Our land and our religion are the feeders of our thoughts and actions. And no doubt these two passions are the only basis of all differences and conflicts among the nations. An American would never go against the interests of his country and a Jew would never practice anything harmful to his religion but unfortunately in Pakistan there are a very few brains which feel uplifted by thinking like those who are neither Pakistani and nor the Muslims. Such innocent people are misguided by a misconception that thinking like Americans makes them American. Such people never understand that by speaking in the interest of the anti-Pakistan elements, they are simply ranked as a tool in the hands of enemies of Pakistan. Certainly some people would ask how they could identify and recognize such robots; the answer is very simple; they are those who always oppose all that is in the benefit and interest of their nation and their religion. Misguided by their pseudo-intellectualism and by their so-called outspokenness and their self assumed bluntness, they criticize all that possibly may go in favour of their country.

Pakistan is changing rapidly; the demerits, the flaws and the problems, the people of Pakistan have been facing for the last two decades, are simply fading out gradually. The problem of terrorism, the crisis of energy, the issue of lawlessness and an artificially constructed wall of distrust and disbelief between the security forces of Pakistan and the nation; all these elements are dying away; the situation is turning to positive. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Miyan Nawaz Sharif is doing all his best to make Pakistan once again the ‘capital’ of the Muslim world as it use to be in the days of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Since the early days of Nawaz Sharif’s government, the forces hostile to Pakistan have been propagating that the democratic government of Pakistan and the Pakistan Army are not at the same page. Miyan Nawaz Sharif was very well aware of the worst consequences of this propaganda, so he exerted all his force to dispel this misconception. Gen Raheel Sharif, the Chief of the Army Staff, provided the Prime Minister all possible support favour and assistance. In short Pakistan started turning over a new page of its history under the command of Miyan Nawaz Sharif in collaboration with the military leadership. The Karachi Operation, the operation Zarb-e-Azb, the action against the so-called separatist elements in Baluchistan and so many other projects of national importance won a lot of appreciation and added to the popularity of the government. Moreover, the Prime Minister of Pakistan did another thing very important and useful; he took bold steps for bringing the friendly countries more close to Pakistan. He invited different heads of the states and he himself also visited various countries. Last November the President of Afghanistan Mr. Asraf Ghani paid a visit to Pakistan, this year the President of China Honorable Xi Jingping visited Pakistan. Troubled by the civil war in Yemen, Saudi Arabia asked different friendly countries to help Saudia out of this trouble. The Prime Minister of Pakistan himself went to Saudia to assure the Saudi King that the whole of the Pakistani nation is with Saudia at this critical moment and Pakistan would go to every possible extent when Saudia needs it. Unfortunately at the same time there are a few people in Pakistan who looked at his visit to Saudia from Non-Pakistani angle and   simply ‘ridiculed’ the passions and emotions expressed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Hoodbhoy is a well known scholar, a teacher and an analyst of international fame.  In his recent write up published in a newspaper, he said sarcastically, ‘The prime minister, the Chief of the Army staff, minister for defense, foreign secretary, and an assemblage of high officials went hoping that their contrite expressions could somehow soothe an irritated septuagenarian monarch and his angry princes. There is no indication of success. They should not worry. Sending Pakistani troops to kill and be killed in an overseas civil war is wrong, and no quantity of free oil or bales of cash can make it right.’ Hoodbhoy is a man of an honorable repute; his unrealistically prejudiced analysis may hurt the people to whom nothing could be more sacred and important than Saudia Arabia. People of Pakistan don’t love Saudia for free oil and the bales of cash, they love Saudia because this land belongs to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and not only to the people of Pakistan but to every Muslim, no other land could be more sacred and more important than Saudi Arab.

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