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December 2014

From these terrified men what can we expect?

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Article by Ayaz Amir published in “The News” on 19th December 2014

The country’s two leading politicians are now Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan (mercifully not anymore Asif Zardari, and even more mercifully not the likes of Khursheed Shah).

Nawaz Sharif is terrified of the Taliban and not in a hundred years can have his heart and soul in any fight-to-the-death against the curse of Takfiri Islam…that brand of the faith, now spread across wide swathes of the world of Islam, which considers all heretics (those who do not agree with it) deserving of death by the sword, or the bullet. Boko Haram in Nigeria is of this persuasion. Daish or the Islamic State, in Iraq and Syria, is spurred by the same belief. The perpetrators of the Peshawar carnage were fired by the same spirit…carrying out their slaughter, with not a tremor in their fingers or compunction in their hearts, in the name of Islam.Read More »From these terrified men what can we expect?

Imran Khan pushes Pakistan to unlock hydropower potential

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Imran KhanMATTA: Standing on the balcony of his two-story riverside hotel, Bilal Mustafa enthuses about the inauguration of a micro-hydroelectric power station in his scenic town.

“The cheap electricity from the station will boost the hotel industry in the area and slash the cost of running hotels and motels,” Mustafa predicted. “Escalating fuel wood prices pose a threat to the sustainability of our hotel businesses.”

Perched along the lower reaches of the Swat River, which snakes through Pakistan’s mountainous northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Matta is popular with tourists who come to see the breathtaking waterfalls and lakes that feed the river, a major tributary of the Indus River.

More than two million people are estimated to visit the district’s valleys annually to enjoy views of the Hindukush mountain peaks and meadows. Mustafa says that 70 per cent of local people here earn a livelihood from tourism.Read More »Imran Khan pushes Pakistan to unlock hydropower potential


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ALI SUKHANVERLife is going to prove hazardously disastrous for the Muslims and Christians of India in general and particularly for those who are unfortunately poor and destitute. The Hindu extremists are doing all their best to compel the poor Muslims and the Christians to embrace Hinduism and say good-bye to their forefather’s religion. These poor Muslims and Christians are being offered a lot of benefits including food, clothes, medicines, jobs and even their own houses if they convert to Hinduism. According to the Washington Post, earlier this week, more than 50 impoverished Muslim families in a slum in the northern Indian city of Agra attended a simple but controversial ceremony at which they were asked by a Hindu priest to chant and throw offerings into the holy fire in front of some Hindu idols. The priest then welcomed the Muslims into the Hindu fold. Some Muslims in the neighborhood of trash collectors told local reporters that it was all a fraud. They said that a Hindu activist had assured them that by attending the ceremony, they will get the government’s coveted ‘below-poverty-line’ identity card and access to state welfare assistance in health and education.’ Rama Lakshmi, the Bureau Chief of the Washington Post in India says in her recent report, ‘The Indian constitution grants religious freedom to its citizens. But five Indian states have enacted stringent laws against conversions that are carried out by force or allurement.’ She further says, ‘An affiliate of the BJP has asked for donations this week to fund an event in the northern city of Aligarh to convert Christians and Muslims to Hinduism this Christmas.’Read More »WHERE MUST THE CRUSHED ONES GO????



ALI SUKHANVERThe Pakistani society is always blamed of having the blobs of terrorism, corruption, political instability and all type of lawlessness by the western and Indian media but a lot of thanks to God Almighty, this ‘lawless’ society is still very safe for the women. Though every year there are a few incidents of maltreatment with the women but the number of such incidents is such small that it becomes negligible. When we compare the situation with other countries particularly with India, we no doubt feel exhilarated. According to the Hindustan Times, the total number of registered rape cases in New Delhi till 23rd November 2014 is around 1926 whereas the total number of registered crimes against women in Delhi till 23rd November 2014 is around 13230. The paper says everyday more than 40 cases of crime against women are registered in the police stations of New Delhi. According to the National Crime Records Bureau 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported across India in 2012. Out of these 24,470 were committed by relatives or neighbors. In short rape is the most common crime Read More »RAPING ALL MORAL VALUES