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September 2014


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ALI SUKHANVER   Words have ever been very important either they are in written form or in spoken format. This importance of words gave birth to a very useful and influential type of ‘industry’ known… Read More »RESHAPING JOURNALISM


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ALI SUKHANVERTo the handful unlucky Pakistanis who dream of a very cordial rather brotherly relationship with India, the news of arrest of Arun Selvarajan, a Lankan national, would not be very much pleasing. The Indian media says this Lankan national is a spy working for Pakistan. Selvarajan was carrying two passports when he was arrested — Sri Lankan and Indian. The officials of National Investigation Agency of India in Chennai (NIA) officials told the Indian media that this man was arrested for spying at the behest of Islamabad. The Indian investigators blamed that an official in the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo was his handler and provided funds to him. It was also told to the media that Selvarajan is part of the Thameem Ansari gang. Ansari, an alleged Pakistani spy, was earlier arrested with dossiers on Indian defense installations.Read More »THE LANKAN GANGSTER?