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Muhammad Javed Yesterday ruling party’s Mushahidullah stated that the Government policy is Tit for Tat (v/s Taliban!). Three days ago the vocal darling of the mini screen the veteran politician from Rawalpindi who being born among the masses, still living amongst the masses and thus still speaks language of the […]

Pakistan plans huge desert solar park to fight energy crisis

AFP BADAIWANI WALA: For years Pakistanis have sweated and cursed through summer power cuts, but now the government plans to harness the sun’s ferocious heat to help tackle the country’s chronic energy crisis. In a corner of the Cholistan desert in Punjab province, power transmission lines, water pipes and a […]

Pak Suzuki launches new Wagon-R

KARACHI: Pak Suzuki launches 1000cc Suzuki Wagon-R in Pakistan by customising it in accordance with the local environment and rules and regulations.   This was announced by Pak Suzuki General Manager Azam Faraz at the launching ceremony of its new vehicle on Friday. He said that the new car has […]

Forward to the past with Windows update

NEW YORK: Even as Microsoft prepares for a future dominated by touch-screen devices, it is steering its Windows system to embrace more of the past.   The divide between old and new is less pronounced in the latest, free update. That’s a welcome change, as that’s one of the things […]


By Muhammad Javed A lot is being said about a cash gift of USD 1.5 billion believed to be from Saudi Arabia. There should had in fact been no eye brows raised on it but different statements viz initially denial about any such amount and then labeling it a gift to […]

Musharraf and the military, Part – II 1

By Shehzad Chaudhry Most of the employment of the army in anti-terror operations continues under the rubric of general authorisation of force in support of the civilian government but lacks exceptional powers through newer legislation. That has denuded it of the needed legal cover for such operations. The US seeks […]

Musharraf and the military, Part-I

By Shahzad Chaudhry When the Kerry-Lugar-Berman Bill was finally submitted in the US Congress in 2009 for approval, it contained two clauses that especially irked the Pakistani military. One dealt with the promotion to two-star rank and beyond within the military that the bill envisaged needed approval by Pakistan’s civilian […]