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By Muhammad Javed

A lot is being said about a cash gift of USD 1.5 billion believed to be from Saudi Arabia. There should had in fact been no eye brows raised on it but different statements viz initially denial about any such amount and then labeling it a gift to Nawaz Sharif, for the Pakistan Development Fund, for Pakistan’s help etc made it a discussion otherwise it was a normal matter.  Our Arab brothers are long known for their generosity in coming forward helping Pakistan in one shape or the other.

I was then working in the Kingdom of Bahrain. It was during somewhere (approximately) 2000-2003 that the Education Ministry Bahrain issued some instructions to all the expatriate schools in Bahrain fixing a target date for submitting by schools its compliance.   All the schools in Bahrain complied to the directives except the Pakistani School which then practically, as mostly are our Pakistani schools in other countries, was under the control of Ambassador of Pakistan hence why should had anyone cared for.  The Ministry imposed a fine which if my old age is not letting me down was Bahrain Dinars 40,000 to the School.  It then amounted to approximately Pak Rs. 75 lacks. Being myself a long resident there, I knew well the concerned Bahraini VIP.  He liked Pakistanis. He rightly believed Pakistanis were hard working and above all are loyal and stand shoulder to shoulder at difficult times. He preferred Pakistanis hiring in his employment.   It was a very large amount those days. Our great journalists who don’t tire talking Bahrain, Bahrain if it comes to Pakistanis working in Bahrain, did not mention even a word reason being the Ambassador was a retired General.  The matter however “came” in the local press revealing that a very distinguished Bahraini VIP had paid this time from his own pocket as an affection for the Pakistani children studying in the school. The same press later on, however, published another follow up story that many social and individual local Bahraini circles criticized the action of this VIP on the ground that he had helped Pakistani children whereas hundreds of Bahraini families and their children badly needed such type of help and they deserved it as first preference.  Our Arab brethren really care for Pakistan.


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