January 6, 2014

Basant at Changa Manga

LAHORE: The Punjab government has announced to hold Basant festival at the Changa Manga forest from February 21 to March 5, and a formal notification in this regard has already been issued.
This notification has been issued on the continued pressure from the kite-flying association of the provincial metropolis, as well as the supporters of the dying industry of kites and strings manufacturing.
Another reason for allowing the festival was to provide entertainment facilities to the kite lovers, who had been legally stopped from flying kites following a number of deaths in the city caused by metallic twines. However, the citizens are still divided over whether to celebrate the festival at the designated place or not. Read More »Basant at Changa Manga



ali-sukhanver2More than 20 people died and more than 200 poling stations burnt to ashes; that is what happened there in Bangladesh on the Election Day. The opposition party BNP remained all aloof from the election process Today Bangladesh is passing through the ever worst phase of its history. The recent elections have changed the peaceful scenario of this heaven-like country into a blazing inferno. Mahfuz Sadique of BBC News, Dhaka reported on the 5th of January, ‘The trickle of voters never turned into the long queues Bangladeshi elections are known for. Read More »ELECTIONS IN BANGLADESH