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November 2012

Dynamics of choice and opportunity in a free market economy

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By Huma Siddiqi

It is an inherent rule of nature that an organism tends to seek the maximum benefit with the least amount of effort. That explicitly depicts how we as a nation of consumers behave. But its flip side also explains the exact reason why predators go after the feeblest. We as consumers experience life as it happens to us mostly because we are hooked to our needs and not willing to even twitch a muscle for our betterment, it is but natural that the helpless consumer gets statistically gang raped by all possible corporate and regulates or the coalition of the two.Read More »Dynamics of choice and opportunity in a free market economy


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The political government of Pakistan has been in a constant effort of establishing friendly relations with the neighbouring countries in spite of a lot of economic problems, continuous unfair international pressures and the ever hovering hostile clouds of enmity along the borders. It is not only the policy of the present government but on the whole the strategy of Pakistan since ever to promote cordial relationship with the neighbouring countries.  Following the same policy of friendship and alliance, a few days back President Asif Ali Zardari confirmed Pakistan’s consent on visa agreement between Pakistan and India which was signed between the two countries on September 8, 2012. The agreement aimed at giving more concessions and simplifying the procedure to grant visa with a view to promoting people-to-people contact.  The objective of this visa Read More »THE WATER ENMITY


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What happened to Malala is not simply a tale of brutality, cruelty, violence and aggression, it is something else based on intrigue and conspiracy. Though the militants in Pakistan are being held responsible for this cowardly inhuman action against an innocent young girl but there are people who have an altogether different opinion regarding this incident and they certainly have a lot of very solid and logical arguments in support of their point of view; they say that this brutal act is the handiwork of various anti-Pakistan foreign elements working in Pakistan under the guidance of CIA, Mussad and RAW. The only aim and objective of such incidents is to destabilize the very foundations of Pakistani society and defame it as well internationally.Read More »THE MALALA EPISODE

Islamabad Park Enclave plots balloting to be done afresh

There is good news for all those common and overseas Pakistanis who fell ‘prey’ to an alleged fixed balloting of the Capital Development Authority’s (CDA) ‘dream’ housing project – the Park Enclave.

The Senate was informed on Thursday that it had been decided that city managers would not only hold fresh balloting of the plots in the housing society but also reimburse money to those allottees, who don’t want to proceed anymore with the CDA.Read More »Islamabad Park Enclave plots balloting to be done afresh



“They hang the victims upside down; they stab them with sharp instruments, force objects such as chilies or thick sticks into their rectums and most of the time the victims have to face severe beatings, electric shocks and crushing heavy rollers”, says a report of Amnesty International on the situation of human rights violation at the hands of Indian forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Human rights violation is one of the most favourite topics for research and discussion for the western society which feels pride in calling itself a philanthropist society. But unfortunately all its humanitarianism and preaching of kindness comes to an end when the victims of human rights violations are the Muslims. Be itIraq,Iran,Lebanon,Palestine,AfghanistanorPakistan; the western countries display the same unconcern and indifference to the situation. And when it is the issue of human rights’ violation in the Indian Occupied Kashmir, this cold apathy reaches its climax.