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PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER The political government of Pakistan has been in a constant effort of establishing friendly relations with the neighbouring countries in spite of a lot of economic problems, continuous unfair international pressures and the ever hovering hostile clouds of enmity along the borders. It is not only the […]


PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER   What happened to Malala is not simply a tale of brutality, cruelty, violence and aggression, it is something else based on intrigue and conspiracy. Though the militants in Pakistan are being held responsible for this cowardly inhuman action against an innocent young girl but there are […]

UAE Foreign Policy Achievements

Mehmood-Ul-Hassan Khan Foreign policy stands for national stance towards sovereignty, national pride and socio-economy. It is a strategic asset which operates in the complex orbit of power politics. It gives directions to extend courtesy and co-existence. Undoubtedly, it is the reflection of indigenous collective wisdom and national resistance against any […]

Pakistan-UAE Bilateral Relations: Infinite Voyage 1

Mehmood Ul Hassan Khan Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoy cordial and harmonious relations marked by mutual respect for each another. Extremely close and fraternal relations, founded on deep-rooted cultural affinities, shared faith and traditions, as also geographic proximity and identity of interests have further strengthened the bilateral […]


PROFESSOR ALI SUKHANVER “They hang the victims upside down; they stab them with sharp instruments, force objects such as chilies or thick sticks into their rectums and most of the time the victims have to face severe beatings, electric shocks and crushing heavy rollers”, says a report of Amnesty International […]