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What happened to Malala is not simply a tale of brutality, cruelty, violence and aggression, it is something else based on intrigue and conspiracy. Though the militants in Pakistan are being held responsible for this cowardly inhuman action against an innocent young girl but there are people who have an altogether different opinion regarding this incident and they certainly have a lot of very solid and logical arguments in support of their point of view; they say that this brutal act is the handiwork of various anti-Pakistan foreign elements working in Pakistan under the guidance of CIA, Mussad and RAW. The only aim and objective of such incidents is to destabilize the very foundations of Pakistani society and defame it as well internationally.

The most important thing, while discussing the Malala episode, is to analyze and review the role and character of the Taliban usually portrayed rather misportrayed by the international media, particularly the western media. The Taliban could be hostile and aggressive, violent and unfriendly as far as their approach to US and the NATO is concerned simply because they consider them invaders and usurpers. The NATO countries joined hands together with the USA and deprived the whole of the afghan society of peace and prosperity, shattered the economic infrastructure of Afghanistan by imposing a never-ending war upon the people of Afghanistan and snatched away from them all types of basic human rights. So the Taliban are very much true in their hostility against the US and the Allied forces. Pakistan is nowhere in this long queue of their enemies because Pakistan has never been hostile to Afghanistan or the Taliban. The international conspirators are very well aware of the fact that if Pakistan and Afghanistan stood together against the western forces that day would be the last nail in the coffin of the western interests. That is why they are all time busy in designing new intriguing strategies resulting in creating breaches between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Malala incident is also a part of that strategy. Just after this incident someone from the Taliban side claimed the responsibility of this brutality and just a few hours later it was also reported in the media that the Talibans had threatened they would target the father of Malala also . A few days later someone from the Taliban side allegedly threatened that the two other girls who got injured in the same incident would also be shot to death. All these claims and threats allegedly from the Taliban side seem an attempt to promote hatred and disliking for the Taliban among the Pakistani nation. It would be an interesting thing to know for my readers that there is not even a single person in Pakistan who is not grieved at the brutality against Malala but at the same time no one is ready to accept that it is the Taliban behind this atrocity. Though it has already been reported by investigating agencies of Pakistan that the attacker belonged to Afghanistan and he was no doubt supported by his felicitators in Pakistan but it does not mean that everyone belonging to Afghanistan is Taliban. We have ample examples in this regard; Mr. Karzai also belongs to Afghanistan but he never claims to be a Taliban. Same is the case with the terrorist who attacked Malala Yusafzai; he belongs to Afghanistan but it never means he is a Taliban. The fact of the matter is that the CIA has a very effective network of its own in Afghanistan. The India consulates along the Pak-Afghan borders are the biggest tool in the hands of CIA. The CIA hires people from Afghanistan and even from Pakistan to materialize its plans in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We may say that in the last ten years the CIA has succeeded in bringing up an army of its own along the bordering areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The members of this army are always busy in creating different types of problems leading to social and economic destabilization of Pakistan and striving for creating breaches of hatred and disliking between Pakistan and the people of Afghanistan whether they are Taliban or no Taliban. Sometimes the members of this army kidnap the soldiers of Pakistan Army and slaughter them, sometimes they launch attacks on patrolling troops of Pakistani Security forces and most of the time they are involved in suicide attacks and bomb blasts in Pakistan. In case the security forces of Pakistan take action against this CIA Army, Mr. Karzai appears to the front in defence of this army and starts blamingPakistan.



The person who attacked Malala was not even aware of the multi facet benefits his action has blessed the antiPakistanforces with. Through this incident the conspirators not only succeeded in defamingPakistan, Taliban and Islam but also succeeded in portraying a picture that the Muslims are a so cruel and brutal nation that they do not spare even innocent children. But in reality the facts are otherwise. The Muslims all over the world are a very friendly nation. They are always eager to help out the distressed and the troubles ones andPakistanbeing a leading Muslim country is always at the top of the list. ThoughPakistanis an Islamic country but it is always there to lend a helping hand to its neighbours and friends even if they are not the Muslims. History would never forget the role played by the Pakistan Army inSri Lanka’s brave war against terrorism. In spite of the fact that theUSauthorities have announced a head money on him, recently Hafiz Mohammad Saeed of Jamat-ud-Dawa has offered his helping hand for the Americans suffering at the hands of the Sandy Storm. This is the true spirit of Islam and the actual philosophy ever practiced by the peace loving people ofPakistan. Islam has nothing to do with torture, vindictiveness and persecution against anyone. Those who support and promote terrorism could never be a part of any Islamic society but one thing must always be kept in mind that fundamentalism, extremism, militancy and terrorism are altogether different identities. Any attempt to intermingle them would do nothing but distort the facts and deform the realities.


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