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October 2012



It is the most common feeling in the western Christian world that the Muslims are a grave threat to the supremacy and hegemony of the countries like US,Israel andIndia; so they must be crushed with an iron hand. Ridiculing the Muslims, victimizing the followers of Islam and targeting their holy places; all these actions are a part of an organized anti-Muslim campaign. Innocent Muslims all over the world are now-a-days protesting against the blasphemous film, Innocence of Muslims, but they don’t know that all their protest would go waste because everywhere they are ranked as losers and beggars. Their miserable economic condition, their poor performance in the field of science and technology and their every day increasing intolerance for their own brothers is simply undermining them as a nation and community. The western Christian extremists in Read More »A WAKE-UP CALL FOR THE MUSLIMS

Military Operation in North Waziristan

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“We are ready to provide them security if they need. We endorse Imran Khan’s plea that drone strikes are against our sovereignty. The anti-drone rallies should have been taken out by the religious leaders long ago but Imran had taken the lead and we would not harm him or his followers,” said a Taliban spokesperson talking to media a few days back. On the other hand in the last days of the previous month a big gathering of notable of Waziristan was held at Tank,town hallofSouth Waziristan. Leaders from Mehsud, Burki, Behtani, Gandapur and other tribes were also present at the gathering. They all announced to welcome Imran Khan and other participants of the peace rally in a befitting manner. In short Imran Khan would be warmly welcomed there in Waziristan by every one, not because Tehreek-e-Insaf is a very popular political party there, but simply because Imran is doing all this to express his solidarity with the people ofWaziristanwho have been suffering a lot from the American drones since long. For the last many years the continuous re-occurrence of drone attacks on innocent people of Waziristan has been the most irritating issue forPakistan. The drone attacks have become a grave threat and a serious challenge to the existence and survival ofPakistan. TheUSauthorities say that the drone attacks are a part of the global war on terror but in fact the drones are increasing terrorism in spite of curbing it. TheUSauthorities are ignoring the daylight reality that showering rain of drones on innocent and helpless women and children is nothing but a heartless brutality giving birth to a never ending hostility and hatred against US. More astonishing is the thing that theUSauthorities are consistently pressurizing the government ofPakistanto start a new operation clean up in the North Waziristan Agency in assistance of theUSforces. TheUSauthorities are blind to the reality that continuousUSdrone attacks resulting in killing of countless innocent civilians, have enraged the people ofNorth Waziristanand they are already eager to avenge the bloodshed of their dear ones. In such a sensitive situation, any military operation would generate more aggression and hostility.

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